29 Tasting Notes


This tea took me a while to fall in love with, but now it is one of my favourites. Usually I want kind of a normal tea first thing in the morning… like English Breakfast. This one is kind of “earthy” to me, and at first I found it off-putting with milk and sugar. Now, I love it. My husband who is a bit of a snob against teas also enjoys it… which is a nice change! Strongly recommended… and even if you don’t like it at first… you may find yourself craving it later…

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drank Chai On Life by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

I was hoping that this would be the winter version of “Cocolemon Thai” which is my go to tea in the Spring months. It is okay, but it doesn’t have that addictive quality that usually has me going back for more. It is truly a lighter Chai, but there is something about the way the ingredients go together… it is just not quite “there”.

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

I really hated this tea a few years ago when I first tried it, but I gave it a shot again this year and I love it! As people have mentioned below, it smells like apple pie. It is the perfect tea for this time of year, when Christmas is over, but you still want warmth and comfort :).

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Oh my (and I say this George Takei-style) – this is my new go-to tea for the afternoon. It is coconut with a bit of zest, and it makes me feel energized, calm and refreshed. It makes me feel the same way as I do when I am swimming (and I LOVE swimming!) It is one of those teas that I have been giving away to my family and friends because I love it so much. My husband who does not really like this kind of thing likes to just smell it. Yay!


I really do like this one a lot.

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This is drinkable, but not that awesome. I am completely in love with Cocolemon Thai, so I thought this would be similar… but it has a phoney taste to it. Maybe it is the vanilla, though I like some of the others with vanilla in it. I will not be giving it away, but I would go for many other teas before this one – especially because it is pricy.


Totally agreed!

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

Surprisingly, this was pretty good. At first I found the smell a bit off-putting, kind of phoney. But, after icing it and adding a bit of home-made sugar syrup, it ended up to be quite decent. I was stressed and had an unhealthy eating day so my stomach was mad at me, but this tea is soothing it, so hey maybe I will get it again.

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I had high hopes for this tea since I am a meditator, and am not a Buddhist but I think he had some good ideas. But, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

This tea is quite pretty to look at. The hibiscus blossoms are beautiful, and it is fun to watch while steeping until it reaches that deep honey white tea color. The smell of it is quite sweet, which is surprising.

In drinking it, it starts with a sweet, fruity taste, then you can taste the Jasmine, and it ends on a floral note. Part of the taste reminds me of an updated version of Jasmine Green Tea. Also, for some reason, the other part tastes similar to DT’s Daydreamer, with a strong mango/peach taste. I would be surprised if this was created by the hibiscus alone (maybe there was something else in the “Natural Flavouring?”), but it is quite unexpected.

I am not sure if I am going to get this one again. It is pretty yummy, but it isn’t really different enough from the other DT options.

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This is one I forgot to buy when I went on my sample rampage! It seemed like it would be an interesting tea.. I don’t like the sounds of the mango/peach taste coming from no where.. odd.


Yeah – it sure was a surprise – it would be much better if mango/peach or something like that were in the ingredients!

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This tea is smoky to start, and it slowly develops into the bitterness of the dandelion root with some citrus in the background. Maybe that does not sound like a delicious description, but I put it into the “healthy” category of teas. For me there are foods that I eat because they are scrumptious like rice crispy squares and foods that I eat because they are healthy, like carrot juice. Carrot juice is delicious to me, but in the healthy way, and it makes me feel really energized to drink it.

This tea is more like carrot juice. It is not rich, sweet and and “I am in love!” like a rice crispy square, but it feels healthy and energizing to drink. It feels good when I have had a bit too much salt, or my body feels “blah”. I drink this, then mulberry-leaf tea some afternoons and I just feel so full of well-being that it is ridiculous!

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The Rooibos in this one is really strong, a bit too strong for me. The lavender and currents do add some interestingness, and it does remind me of France. Lavender tends to knock me out, so I have been using this as a before sleep tea some nights.

I got this as a sample, but I don’t think I will get it again. I like the uniqueness, but it is just too red-rooibos-y. I much prefer some of the other Rooibos blends that include Green from DT, such as Green and Fruity or Birthday Cake.

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This tea has been a bit of a stand-by during trips to Starbucks. As other reviewers have mentioned, it steeps very quickly. Basically I let it steep during the walk from the counter to the place to put milk in it. Usually there is someone else in the way, or someone is smiling at the baby, so I would put it at about a minute and a half! I guess Starbucks teas are for impatient people. When it is too strong, and I let it steep beyond the walk, it is cringe-worthy.

It does need “toning down” with milk, and makes an excellent latte. It is actually like some sort of rich, malty hot version of ice-cream, if that makes sense. I am on a mission to find the hot equivalent to ice-cream. I wish I could have something that is as satisfying as ice-cream, while being cozy and warming instead of chilling. And at 140 calories it pretty satisfying without adding inches.

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