2012 Gao Jian Shan “Qian Liang Cha”
15 sec rinse
10 minute rest
dry leaves smell of honey and earht maybe
slight mushroomy
wet leaves are woody something like
toasted marshmellow and honey
baked crust earthy, some kind of spice like cinnamon
or anise
tea soup is golden brown with slight hints of red and very slightly

first steep 20 sec: a little earth and wet hay
maybe some fruitiness like bananas thick
and viscous no bitterness. seems slightly minty too

second steep 25 sec: mushroom upfront with earthiness
and wet hay on the follow up. yeasty, it seems like im
tasting a little spice in it to. maybe some cinnamon
on the aftertaste. could be five spice
has the taste of honey without the sweetness of honey

third steep 35 sec: darker than earlier steepings
the wet hay is up front. there are flashes of the taste
of honey throughout this infusion. the earthiness
is a bit stronge but very pleasant
the huigan from this is light and subtle but it
sticks to the front teeth. the Qi is calming and relaxing

fourth steep 45 sec:
the color is holding stady at this point
quite sweet, there is something like a brothy
texture to this. the banana that i smelled is
in the middle of this tea right behind the wet hay
earthiness is kinda just lingering maybe
a slight medicinal edge

fifth steep 1:00 the tea soup color is lightening up and seems to
be more clear the honey notes were up front this time
followed by the notes of wet hay
the musty earthy notes are at the base of the flavor
the huigan is stronger this time

sixth steep 1:15: im getting the toasted marshmellow
flavors but strongly for a brief period followed by honey
and the wet hay. earthiness is still in the background
maybe some nuttines

seventh steep 1:30: the color is lighter this time
so this will be my last steeping wet hay is at the forefront this time
followed by earthiness and the hugian is now more subtle
the fruitines is back again. there was something savory about this

would i recoomend this tea?: yes. although i dont know how it will age since its so densly packed

Flavors: Anise, Bread, Cinnamon, Earth, Hay, Honey, Marshmallow

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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