18 Tasting Notes

drank Jardin Sauvage by Lupicia
18 tasting notes

I just got this this past weekend and am currently in love with it. The color, the smell, the taste, everything about it is wonderful. It has enough flavour to stand alone, yet it is mild enough to eat with a meal. I really enjoy the smell that comes off it while brewing. I am having it as an iced tea for lunch and really find it a good way to wind down, having a hot cup before bed.

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So I figured out a really good use for this! It isn’t the traditional way you use tea, but… I brewed a cup, left the bag in a bit too long to make sure the flavour was a bit stronger. Then… I used the tea as the liquid base to make oatmeal!
I used just plain oats, and it was a nice taste. I always make my own oat flavours by adding spices and fruits. This was quite wonderful and I am going to try making other teas into oatmeal bases to see how it goes.


ooh, this sounds like a wonderful idea!

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I drink this tea at work quite a bit. I need a caffeine free substitute for my usual habit, since I work at night and wouldn’t be able to sleep if I was still drinking caffeine at 9 at night.
I cannot say I drink this for the taste. It is very tart. I usually just use the same tea bag, leaving it in my cup and adding hot water as I go. I know, I know.. bit of a no-no for good tea. But I actually find the second or third time I pour water over the bag nicer to taste. I mostly look for rosehip as it is good for your skin. If you are into this sort of thing, it isn’t terrible. I just wouldn’t call it great either.

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a tasty mistake! I was having this tea for breakfast with some toast. I used Lupicia’s tea honey (sakurambo) on my toast, and then used the same spoon I used to get the honey to fish out the tea bag. I am not a tea sweetener, but to my surprise the honey left on the spoon added a nice kick of flavour! It only made it a tiny bit sweeter but added a nice cherry flavour under the chai and coconut tastes. I actually will be trying this again.

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having this with a breakfast of oatmeal and a good bit of fruit. It pairs well with the sweet fruit, and the smell drifting up from the bedside is quite nice. I find the aroma of this tea even nicer than the tea itself. I am going to go for another one with soymilk later I think.

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To be honest, I didn’t care for this tea the first time I brewed it. Then I brewed it for a frighteningly long time, and it made a huge difference. I also like this as a milk tea. I do not think it makes a nice iced tea, though. I do not sweeten my teas as a general rule, though I have wondered if a little honey or cane syrup might improve it as an iced tea. Has anyone tried this?

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drank Sakurambo by Lupicia
18 tasting notes

This is a wonderful tea all around. I am about to brew a nice big pot to go with my breakfast. Anything I do not finish will be tucked into the fridge to enjoy as iced tea later.
The color is wonderful, the smell is wonderful, even the raw tea is just glorious to look at. This is a favorite of mine and always, always gets a very approving response out of my guests.

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One of my favorite cheap bag teas. I am a vanilla hog, and they lay the vanilla on thick. A good afternoon tea, summer or winter. I also think it makes a decent iced tea. There are better vanilla teas on the market, but for the price and the ease, it is a good thing to have in the pantry.

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For a cheap, bag tea this is some pretty decent stuff. The only issue I have with it is that… well, it isn’t really tea! There is a nice honey taste. A nice vanilla taste. But where or where is the tea taste? I can make hot honey and vanilla on my own. The Camomile is in there, but still… no tea!
I would love to see this, exactly as it is, but with an Irish Breakfast Tea hiding underneath. Blending it myself was tasty.
It is an ok herb drink, and a tasty snack drink. I would buy it again.

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I am a huge coconut fan and will drink just about any coconut tea. I have purchased this more than once. I like to have some bag teas around for when I am in a hurry, and this is my go to caffeine tea for those occasions. I do NOT follow the directions, which makes all the difference! I leave the bag in my cup and just never take it out. It makes a much stronger brew that way. I do not milk it, but if you want a hot milk tea that is still pretty strong, just do not put water in! Pour boiling milk over the bag and you get the milk tea flavour without watering it down.
This also makes a decent little tea for cooking. I made a cake with it and it was rather nice.

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26 year old American currently on her 5th year in Japan. Hobbies include tea, tea ceremony, samisen, painting, drawing, blogging, reading.

My “dream job” would be owning a funky little tea shop that makes enough to pay the bills while working with what I love. Selling tea by the cup and pot, little baked treats to compliment the flavors, and maybe some art from local artists on the wall. Sigh…

I am not above a bag tea, though I prefer loose teas. I’ve lived in Japan for quite a while and travel around asia when I can. I of course love finding and buying local teas where ever I go! I love living somewhere that stop and shops sell tea bottles and boxes rather than colas. My favorite over the counter tea is Teh Botol, a Jasmine tea I found in Indonesia. I also like Sokenbicha (爽健美茶) in Japan.

I love all teas, but have a stronger love for the greens and blacks. I require caffeine and tend to sip tea all day. Tea=love!


Hyogo, Japan



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