I drink this tea at work quite a bit. I need a caffeine free substitute for my usual habit, since I work at night and wouldn’t be able to sleep if I was still drinking caffeine at 9 at night.
I cannot say I drink this for the taste. It is very tart. I usually just use the same tea bag, leaving it in my cup and adding hot water as I go. I know, I know.. bit of a no-no for good tea. But I actually find the second or third time I pour water over the bag nicer to taste. I mostly look for rosehip as it is good for your skin. If you are into this sort of thing, it isn’t terrible. I just wouldn’t call it great either.

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26 year old American currently on her 5th year in Japan. Hobbies include tea, tea ceremony, samisen, painting, drawing, blogging, reading.

My “dream job” would be owning a funky little tea shop that makes enough to pay the bills while working with what I love. Selling tea by the cup and pot, little baked treats to compliment the flavors, and maybe some art from local artists on the wall. Sigh…

I am not above a bag tea, though I prefer loose teas. I’ve lived in Japan for quite a while and travel around asia when I can. I of course love finding and buying local teas where ever I go! I love living somewhere that stop and shops sell tea bottles and boxes rather than colas. My favorite over the counter tea is Teh Botol, a Jasmine tea I found in Indonesia. I also like Sokenbicha (爽健美茶) in Japan.

I love all teas, but have a stronger love for the greens and blacks. I require caffeine and tend to sip tea all day. Tea=love!


Hyogo, Japan



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