200 Tasting Notes

I have had a chinese sencha for a while but thought I’d get a japanese one this time. There’s not much of my chinese one left but enough that I can compare them both side by side. The problem is, I don’t know if any differences I taste come from differences in how I made it or whether they are from the different teas. I made them in two different teapots so judging the amount of leaves was difficult. Maybe I’ll have to put a few leaves in a mug then I can make two identical cups.

On this first attempt I used the same water (at 80 degC) and brewed for the same time, but they were made in different size pots so I guessed at the amount of tea leaves. I couldn’t tell much difference. I’ll have to try again and see whether I can train my tastebuds because I’m sure I’ve been told the two are quite different. I’m a bit disappointed but then I was also scared the japanese one would be too bitter and strong for me, so it’s good that it’s not

180 °F / 82 °C

Are there prizes for reaching 100 tasting notes? I feel like this is some kind of (pointless) milestone


I think 100 tasting notes should result in balloons and confetti showering down on you…wherever you might be at the time. Congrats!


Hey, I celebrated my 100th post by breaking into the newly acquired Pai Mu Tan for the first time, having been saving it especially for the occasion. :p I certainly think you’re allowed to celebrate. Happy Steepsterversary. :p

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That’s the end of my Earl Grey. I very much enjoyed it but now I’ll have to find some more Earl Grey to go in my special Whittard tea box. Although I’m continually trying to cut down on tea, Earl Grey is a cupboard essential

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it’s nice without milk but I have 500g+ of black tea I can’t have with milk and I’m the only person who drinks them, so sadly I won’t be buying any more for a year or so

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Had a wonderful evening and now sitting back in my room listening to Zero 7 and drinking this. This is my little heaven

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drank Yerba Mate by Teapigs
200 tasting notes

After picking up a few tips from the forum, I took their advice and used 1tsp or just under of leaves, dampened with cold water, then added boiling water. I added cinnamon (prob 1/2 tsp) and it tasted okay. On the four steep, it’s tasting nice even without the cinnamon, but it’s only very weak now. It’s still not my favourite, but it’s a big improvement on what I had before and I will probably finish the 50g I bought before I retire (in 35 years’ time)

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drank Builder's Brew by Tea Palace
200 tasting notes

Finally I’ve found a good strong black tea that you can have milk and sugar and still taste the tea so I can give it to my friends withou embarasing myself. Yay!

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I don’t often have Earl Grey but it’s very tasty and this has almost run out. I have it black, but my housemate put some milk in it


…Inspiring. goes to make a pot


I don’t often have Earl Grey, but when I do…

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drank Yellow Tea by Leaf
200 tasting notes

Haven’t drunk anything this light for a long time. It came as a bit of a shock, but by the end of my big pint-mug I was really enjoying it. Might have to have some more ;-)

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drank Rooibos Green Tea by Tick Tock
200 tasting notes

Another one of the teas I don’t especially like, but I’ve been dehydrated today so have had a couple of cups of this and I have to say, it’s better than I remember.

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The first time I’ve made my massive pot for ages but then I came in at 7.45 and have an evening ahead of sorting my bedroom and doing jobs, so I need a big pot. This is a gret one because it’s hard to treat it wrong. I try to put in water that’s just off boiling and not to put in many leaves, but it’ll taste good anyhow

200 °F / 93 °C

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I moved from the UK to Australia in 2015. I’ve had a fascination with tea since university, and like to try lots of different types. My preference is for real tea over other infusions: green tea, oolong and black, including flavoured varieties. I love encouraging people to try new teas. I also play the trombone.
>90: Some of the best I’ve had so far.
80-90: I love this tea, likely to buy again
70-80: Good tea. Most tea in my cupboard is in this category because it’s fine to drink it all day!
50-70: I’d drink it if it was offered to me, and I’ll drink what’s in the cupboard, but I’m unlikely to buy it again.
<50: Glad I tried it, but it’s not very nice.


Hobart, Australia



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