This tea was not bad but I found that it tasted a bit different/strange. I can immediately identify the Chamomile and Cinnamon in the tea. However after checking the ingredient list and the only other ingredients are Melaleuca Leaf and Natural Flavor.

I am pretty sure that the strange taste is from the melaleuca leaf. I am familiar with the smell of melaleuca oil (also known as tea tree oil but it is not related to camellia sinensis, the plant we get tea leaves from) and I think I can taste a slight background melaleuca flavor that makes this taste so different.

I am not sure why they wanted to add Melaleuca leaves to the tea. Maybe it was because the name of the company that sells the G’Day Herbal Teas is Melaleuca Inc. or maybe it is because melaleuca plants have antibacterial properties. I don’t know if dried melaleuca leaves in a tea would still have antibacterial properties or not but I don’t think you would want an antibacterial tea anyway because your digestive system relies on many types of good bacteria for digestion. I don’t think either of these reasons are good reasons to add an ingredient to a tea. The other possible reason I can think of for adding something to a tea is that it tastes good. But in this case I think it would have actually tasted better if it was a cinnamon spiced chamomile tea without the melaleuca leaves or the other natural flavors (but then they would have had to rename the tea).

In summary this tea tastes alright/good but it also tastes a bit strange.

Flavors: Cinnamon

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more 11 OZ / 325 ML

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I just recently got into tea (fall of 2015).

I love trying many types of tea. So far I have tried many Black, Oolong, Green and White teas as well as Yerba Mate, Rooibos, Honey Bush, Chamomile, Mint and fruit teas. I have liked good teas in almost every category. I don’t go for overly bitter/astringent, tart, or sweet teas and I never add milk/cream, sugar or other sweeteners to my tea.

Even though I have many excellent teas I always want to try a new one just to see what it tastes like and if I like it even better than my current favorites. Eventually I will focus more on drinking my favorites rather than always trying a different type of tea.


85+ Excellent and I will definitely repurchase soon so I don’t run out.

75-84 Really good and I will probably buy it again.

65-74 Good and I might buy it again but on the other hand maybe I won’t repurchase.

50-64 OK and I might finish the box.

1-49 Really did not like it at all. I probably dumped out the rest of the cup for the teas on the lower end of this range.

I am only doing one review per tea. If I drink it multiple times and my opinion changes then I will go back and update my rating and tasting notes.



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