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Tea’s Taste like Chocolate

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sipdown! so i’ve been really off of “peach” flavoured teas lately but terri sent this my way so of course it had to be tried since i must try ALL THE TEA. Suprisingly enough, this is really tasty. It’s not fuzzy peach flavoured peach – it’s much closer to being more like a real juicy peach. As many of you know…i HATE jasmine…but in this, i’m really not detecting any unless somehow it’s responsible for mellowing out the peach flavour. over all, quite pleased with this one even if it would never be a cupboard staple. Nice to have a peach tea i’m not sick of.

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drank Blue Mango by Tropical Tea Company
951 tasting notes

The smell of the dry leaves is sort of generically tropical. Hot, the tea tastes like mango and a touch of pineapple, but very artificial. Maybe a touch of floral flavor as well. Icing the tea yields improvement. The smell is all mango and quite natural. The flavors come out a bit more as well. But it still tastes artificial to me. A lot of other tasting notes indicate that they didn’t find it at all artificial tasting, so I wonder whether there’s some difference in the brewing or I’m just being overly sensitive. Either way, this tea gets a “meh” at best.

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The dry leaves of this smell wonderful. Tropical, in fact. It smells heavily of dried mango, even though there’s no actual mango in this. It has some nice overtones of vanilla. The brewed tea loses the mango smell entirely and goes straight to cherry. It’s creamy, even without milk. Unfortunately, I just learned that I don’t like cherry-flavored tea (which shouldn’t be all that surprising, since I don’t really like cherries…). Blah. Into the swap pile with you!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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It smells a little like chocolate. Perhaps like white chocolate (which isn’t really chocolate, since it contains no cocoa solids). Anyway, flavour is mostly rooibos, with a hint of vanilla and mint.

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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Challenged or inspired by all you sipper-downers; it’s time to follow suit and take back the kitchen. This is perfect for a mild and sunny day. Decent black tea base, sweet, natural-tasting pineapple.

If you’re interested in finding it, previous tracking down of this one led me to believe that it was a privately branded Metropolitan Tea blend. which is still available at several places including Culinary Tea.

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Enjoying the last of a sample Nicole shared some months back. Looking at the flavor lineup of Miss Gloria’s Tea House, which I believe used to be Tropical Tea Company, it looks similar to the lineup at Culinary Teas, which sells Metropolitan Tea…so when the dominoes all fall, I’m surmising that this is Metropolitan’s blend. Which is good. Now I know how to find it again.

All that to say that I woke up craving this. It is pineapple-sweet, not pineapple-cloying, and the tea base is very juicy and thirst-quenchy. Pleasant.

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This has so many companion ingredients, I’m wondering if “just pineapple” is a bit of a misnomer.

However, the other goodies (calendula just makes a tea happy; I’ve got to pick some up for blending) make it bright and sunshiny tasting. Decent orange pekoe base. This has great chilled/iced potential, but I’m enjoying it warm, too.

Belated thanks to Nicole. This is good!

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Never know what you’ll find if you stick your hand far enough back in the cabinet. Found this little half-ounce treasure in the nether regions. It’s probably older than some of you are. However, since high summer tends to turn my tastebuds toward fruity stuff, I gave it a go.

And whaddya know? It’s still got it. Almost smells like candy, and the fruity-vanilla sweetness is still there—hasn’t gone chemical tasting like some elderly flavored teas do.
Need to start shopping for a contemporary equivalent—I think Tropical Tea Co. is long gone.

Moral of the story—don’t give up on something just ‘cause it’s geezerly.

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My taste buds needed a break from the morning norm. This looked like fun, and made me smile because I remember my son pronouncing it “pimento-grates” when he was learning to read.

This is a sweet fruit tea, heavy on the vanilla. Not a bit of tartness or bitterness, and I was sloppy measuring and timing this first cup. Nicole, I couldn’t taste the lemur either :) It is a very close match for the Culinary Teas Monk’s Blend I have bought by the pound in the past. Highly recommended for those of us that want our fruit tea sweet and gentle, not sour and acidic.

Pimento-grateful to try this one!


Lemur! OMG! HA!

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Honestly, I haven’t had a good experience with a blueberry green tea, but I’m not giving up!

This version came my way in the Traveling Tea Box (A). I’m not as experienced with greens, but this was even more different than my past encounters. The leaves aren’t as green as I’m used to seeing and they’re rolled into oddly shaped balls. I am always a sucker for Cornflower petals in tea – it always looks so pretty!

Upon opening the baggie I can smell the blueberry. I brewed this in the fridge for about 18 hours.

I noticed some bitterness after straining the leaves; not something I was expecting. I probably shouldn’t have, but I added a little simple syrup to mute that. There’s a slight smokiness that I’m detecting now that I’ve killed the bitterness. The blueberry is nice in this.

I’m leaving this in the box for others to try. The quest for the right blueberry green tea continues…

Iced 8 min or more

52tea’s Boo-berry Cotton Candy is a delicious blueberry green (though of course it also has cotton candy flavor), a really true to life flavor.

Will Work For Tea

I was hesitant to pony up for the cotton candy AND blueberry green tea flavors. But I’ll take your word on it! :)

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Thank you momo for this sample! It smells good but I learned from Adagio that I just don’t like ceylon types. I like the story behind this tea with the monks and all but I couldn’t finish my cup. My taste buds just don’t agree with it. My boyfriend on the other hand liked it and said it was smooth, citrusy, and light.

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Liking this one more and more as I continue to play with it.

With half-and-half and a drop of maple syrup this morning. Breakfast!

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Enjoying this one. It’s my favorite sort of fruit tea: sweet-fruity instead of tart-fruity. Enough of a bass line in the black tea to boomp you out the door.

I currently have no unadulterated maple syrup under my roof, but when I get some, I’m thinking this would make a wonderful “pancake breakfast.”

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