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Yes, really nice. Happy to have bought two cakes of, one to drink now and one to keep.

When it had just arrived I feared a little. It seemed quite harsh and dryish, with an interesting, but very upfront fermentation note. After having sat for a few weeks though, it is really great. The liquor is nicely thick and juicy now and has plenty of sweetness. The storage/fermentation notes are quite present and remarkable, but hard to describe. It’s not like the rounder basement notes of some other teas, there is a kind of pine-like sharpness to it that I really enjoy. This tea is easy to brew and can get pretty intense without a lot of bitterness.

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2006 LiMing “Zao Chun Yin Hao” (Early Spring Silver Hairs) 601 Batch
near wet stored
brew by intuition so no times will be showm
only infusions
10 minute “rest” period
the dry leaves dont really have a scent
if it does its hard for me to detect
wet leaves smells of mustiness kinda like old books and slight caramelized
brown sugar scent slight hay and stone slight creaminess
lid smell more of the mustiness and brown sugar slight earthiness
rinse color golden brown with the slightest hint of red
tea soup smells of incense nag champa was the first thing that comes to mind
brown sugar

first infusion: slightly musty and damp creamy and slightly hay like
the mustiness turns to earthiness in the middle of tasting it feels thick
on the tongue. its minerality shows up after you finish the cup. it feels “salty”
in the back of the throat. good feeling in the mouth. color was golden

second infusion:the mustiness is a little less in this infusion
the earthiness is more up front in this infusion its also a bit savory
not so much in flavor but in feeling and a tiny bit in flavor
the creaminess is there but light. there is a very tiny hint of floral in the finish
just so slightly in the background the color was a little redder

third infusion: more red than gold now starting to get darker the mustiness seems to be
a little at the front but more in the back. there is something metallic in the flavor
not unpleasant though slightly dusty the floral notes are still there and lend just a hint of sweetness
to the tea

fourth infusion: deep burgundy red slight bitterness up front
the cream really comes through in this kinda drying finish
the minerality is very obvious in this steeping some muddiness
some sourness in the finish. got a flash of fruitiness
this one seemed a bit more complex than the others

fifth infusion: the color was still red but lighter more like a candy apple with soe browness to it
the mustiness has returned the earthiness lays on the side of the tongue
there is some creaminess and there is some minerality like licking a rock
floral and woody almost like betel nut that you get in liu bao

sixth infusion: the brown is stating to come through but still a little red the mustiness is there
thought its more over earthy and creamy than anything else the floral notes are very present
mayflowers more gentle in the mouth though a little drying on the tongue

seventh infusion: brewed this one extra long so it would be the crecendo of this session
deep burgond very very dark there is a slight bitterness to it and something floral in
the after taste the bitterness lies on the side of the tongue. quite drying.

i would recommend this tea if you want to age it more

Flavors: Creamy, Metallic, Musty, Wet Earth, Wood

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Some tobacco, somewhat herbal, no basement notes, unlike the other Liming Bajiaoting teas around the same age that I have had (it came from Moylor, I have no idea about the storage). Gentle astringency that feels pleasant yet nicely substantial. It is grippy in the mouth without drying. I like it, especially for the price (I payed 19$ per cake, it seems they have doubled that price now yet still claiming it has a discount of 50%. Funny webshop.).

Flavors: Herbs, Tobacco

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 100 OZ / 2957 ML

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Thanks to a special tea friend for a sample of this one!

This tea lives up to its name! I like it very much. Very clean and sweet shou. I can’t really think of any descriptors other than that. It’s not particularly fruity or creamy or chocolatey, just good shou! I guess it is a little nutty tasting? Yeah, sweet and nutty :)

I checked the price on ebay and it’s not bad either. Would consider purchasing…trying to not go crazy and hoard too many puerh cakes just yet, hehe.

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The tea carries that fearful moniker “old tree,” leaving the buyer to judge the claim of origin. I believe this is old tree tea, but it might be more aptly named “Lots of Old Tree Stems.” Goodness, this was a stem-heavy tea. Pulling apart the steeped leaves, it reveals itself as at least half to two-thirds stems. I guess it can be called “old tree” if the stems are from old trees. There were a handful of large, graceful leaves, but they showed more oxidation than I like. I am, primarily, willing to believe the leaf origin based on a present mint coolness in the finish.

Otherwise, this is boring sheng. I saved the first six steeps in small cups to revisit after pushing the tea out to a 30s steep. This was an enlightening practice, as it was easy to again follow the flavor progression. For this tea, the first was papery, dry and herbal. The second and third bracingly sour, while the remainder desperately held onto a calm, lightly sweet mushroom, straw, and grain.

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Ripened puerh are rarely if ever great, but some like the richly colored, reddish liquor and rounded flavor. Mellow with a touch of sweetness, it doesn’t have much individuality. The hallmarks for this tea are smoothness and consistency.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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What a tough cake to break into, phew… Still has slight fishy smell thats almost gone after a couple rinses. The liquor is thick and creamy as advertised. Not that complex in taste but a strong hui gan

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

Hey thanks for the brief review and the follow :D Appreciate it!

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