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I think this tea is nice. The leaf is absolutely gorgeous. The tea is sweet, soft and round, but for me, like most bud-heavy black teas, lacks just a little bit of strength and boldness.

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Very strong, flowery and fresh. Drinking this in sept. 2023 and I guess that means it also feels a little rough around edges; it is very perfumy, sweet and active but also kinda airy and bright, not very deep in terms of sweetness in the aftertaste.

[edit:] after a week of resting, it actually changed a lot. It now has a lot of body and really active, complex mouthfeel as well. I think this is an awesome tea.

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Spring 2022. This is a strong hongcha with a lot of substance. The rinsed leaves smell deeply sweet and fruity, and the tea itself is remarkably foamy and very saturated and dark, with lots of forest-fruity sweetness and some spicy, tobaccoish notes. Nice.

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For this price range this is a solid blended sheng puer. It is full-bodied, sweet and strong. There isn’t a lot of refinement or elegance in the aromas and mouthfeel though, everything is upfront and without subtlety. There is moderate bitterness and astringency.

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A friend brewed this tea and it was really nice. It is very dark, and has deep woody flavors. You can taste and feel the time. This tea is felt in the head and body really quickly, it gave a very deep and meditative feeling of relaxation and calmness. Remarkable. Too bad this kind of tea is absolutely unaffordable if you would want to drink it on a regular basis…

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Very nice, full-bodied and fulfilling tea. Very balanced, with subtle storage (‘old house’) notes and dried fruity sweetness of a warming kind. Comforting.

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This tea feels light and clean, and slightly aromatic with citrusy and light spicy associations. It feels thin, watery even, and for me, quite boring. Is it too subtle for me? I don’t know. For me it would not be worth this kind of price.

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Very nice and lovable dianhong. Sweet, spicy-flowery, somewhat peaty with nicely substantial mouthfeel. Just very satisfying in that particular way in which only hongchas can satisfy. Sadly it loses a bit of edge after the first brew.

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drank Mokalbari FTGFOP1 by Theeje
89 tasting notes

Really nice Assam! Awesome breakfast tea. Great strength and aroma (malt and some forest fruits), full-bodied, grippy but still juicy, nice brisk character and good aftertaste.

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Another shai hong cake. This is an interesting one. It brews a really dark red. It is thick-textured, aromawise it isn’t really strong and at first glance it might even seem a bit empty because it has no high aromatic notes, but then there is a depth to it that is just really nice. It has a smooth, deep and round dried fruits aspect that comforts and satisfies.

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