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drank Banofee by A Quarter to Tea
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Sipdown 110-2021
I can’t believe I haven’t written a note on this yet. I’ve been hoarding my last cup’s worth because I loved it so much. Unfortunately, this is another victim of age. The banana and toffee flavors that I loved have faded into something vaguely sugary.

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A very pleasant vanilla custard note coming through today with the wisps of pear and cardamom.

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This tea is ancient, but all the flavours are present and accounted for, if gently so, against a backdrop of brisk black tea. Quite a tasty cup.


I saw the name and was like “wow, its been forever since I saw this tea” and then you start your note with its ancient lol

Evol Ving Ness

I don’t know whether it is age that has mellowed it or whether it was originally so, but it is perfect now. Generally, I find AQTT’sblends too artificially force for me. With a few exceptions, of course.

Daylon R Thomas

Man, that sounds like a brilliant flavor combo. I wish I picked some of that up years ago when I bought from them.


Apparently I have some of this too, and this flavour profile just sounds delicious. Maybe on “V” day…

Evol Ving Ness

I have one cup left and I will make a note to not leave it too long because it is perfect NOW.

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I is for… Irish Coffee Keemun!

This tea smells good, nice and creamy, but there’s an odd, vegetal(?) note here that reminds me of some white teas – and that I don’t really care for. It’s… almost minty?But not quite. It’s possible that it’s the “whiskey” flavouring, or alternately, an element of the “irish coffee” flavouring is responsible, I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s coming from the keemun base. (It actually has occurred to me that this has sat so long, it’s possible that it was adjacent to a minty tea and absorbed some flavour, but hopefully not). The flavour has this same vegetal note, along with coffee/cream flavours, but that note is definitely affecting the experience of drinking it.

Either way, an ok cup, not a favourite, but obviously for the best since it’s unavailable!

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I is for… Irish Rock Shandy!

First tasting note on a years-old tea? Ok!

Really had to dig through my stash for “I” teas for today – the only DavidsTea one I had I finished off last month (Irish Breakfast). Definitely a theme with the names here, though!

This was not ever a favourite tea of mine; I didn’t really care for the citrus – it’s just edging toward a cleaner sort of flavour, and there’s also a flavour in this tea that I can’t place but don’t really care for. It’s not a terrible tea, but just not matched to my preferences, which generally don’t include orange-flavoured teas.

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2021 Sipdown 44/365!

One-day hiatus from the alphabetical Ode to Tea, mostly because a) I was not prepared enough for it and b) it was a very very busy day, spent mostly at my MIL’s house, and the teas at her house, again, did not begin with the correct letter.

I guess I hadn’t reviewed this before (but do have an unopened or nearly full pouch somewhere else too) – it’s nice enough. Rooibos without some of the less appealing, medicinal qualities; no scratchy throat either. The maple is also pretty good. I drank it alongside another “sweet-flavoured” tea so can’t be sure which was the source of the delicious aroma, but it also could have been both. I’d have this again as a nice caffeine-free treat.

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Sipdown 63-2021
A very kind share from Shae that I have been holding onto. This is the type of flavor profile that I really miss from A Quarter to Tea- sticky sweet honeyed fruits. The almond is reading as maraschino cherry to me, which I’m not mad at. Just a touch of apricot. Definitely something I would purchase if I were able. cries in tea


I am crying right along with you :(

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Cold Brew!

So I don’t really feel like this tasted like biscotti to me, nor did the cranberry in it actually particularly stand out – but it was a really nice cup with some truly great focus on the pistachio. The best I can think to describe it is if you took pistachios and made a cream of them and then used that pistachio cream to make a thick fresh “whipped cream”. Very sweet and fatty/buttery tasting pistachio but with an airiness to it that I love and which, I believe, the white tea base helps to support greatly. There’s also a little bit of a boozy quality to the tea, and I’m wondering if maybe it’s just part of the carrier of the flavour as it was very much the kind of alcoholic note that really stands out in things like chocolate flavouring with an alcohol based carrier. Regardless, I thought it only complimented this whipped pistachio taste and all in all it was a refreshing and flavourful nutty profile I liked.


May I ask why the cold brew, and have you tried it hot-brew? I adore pistachios, but biscotti or cran-anything, not so much. This tea sounds heavenly! And cold brew might make me reminisce about Ben & Jerrys Pistachio-Pistachio ice cream (my favorite).

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2021 Sipdown #17

This one was never super “peeps” for me, mostly just genmaicha so I’m happy to finish this one off and move on!

P.S. apologies for all of the sipdown spam, I’m done now :)


Yay for sipdowns!

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drank Cherry Blossom by A Quarter to Tea
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2021 Sipdown #13

This one smelled funky when I opened the bag so I decided to just toss it. I’m removing it from my cupboard both on Steepster and in real life, so I’m still counting it towards a sip down haha

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drank Lychee Daisy by A Quarter to Tea
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2021 Sipdown #10

An old tea getting finished off

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Most of my old AQ2T samples are opened and that’s why so many have lost their flavor. While cleaning out my tea, I found this one that was still sealed. I opened it up and made myself a cup, hoping the flavor had held up better in this one. Luckily it had! After that cup, I made a pot to share with my partner and we both really enjoyed it.

My first cup was very tart raspberry/strawberry heavy without any creamy custardiness. The pot that we shared had more of a strawberry and blueberry flavor, and much more of the vanilla cream-type flavor that I was expecting. We have a few more cups of this one left and I don’t plan on letting it sit around and get old(er)!

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2021 Sipdown #8!

This was a tiny sample size from quite a while ago. I was hoping since this one hadn’t been opened, it would still be good. Unfortunately, it looks like that isn’t the case :(

This one smelled nice but overall it just tasted kinda funky and I ended up pouring out the rest of the cup. After looking over the other reviews, I’m not sure if this one was off because it was old or because of the raspberry flavoring. I’m happy to have cleared this one out, but sad I didn’t get to taste it at its best.

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I saw this in a friend’s cupboard and asked to swap – glad she had some left! This tea snarls great. I never heard of the jobs if tea it was, so I had to Google it. I didn’t know it was a white tea, so was worried when the color was not that deep. I frothed up some half and half and added a teaspoon of erythritol and made it as a large. I enjoyed it. I’m glad I have more than one cup’s worth! The little snowflake sprinkles were a fun addition.

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2021 Sipdown #6

Finished this one off last night with my fiance. Dry, this smelled AMAZING. Tons of pistachio and cream scent. Unfortunately, as with many of my old teas, nearly all of that was gone once steeped. I didn’t get any pistachio. The tea base was weak but still present, and there was probably a tiny bit of creaminess (or just wishful thinking).

I’m really enjoying being a part of this sipdown. I wasn’t as into tea for a while and let a lot of samples go old and didn’t have them properly stored. A lot of the ones that went old were the ones I really liked and that I was worried about not having more of, so I “saved” them. Participating in this sipdown has really taught me about enjoying them when I have them, since so many have gone to waste!

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2021 Sipdown #16

I hope to find something similar to this soon! I really enjoyed the lemon flavor in this. I’m not normally a lemon fan but this one was sort of a creamy vanilla lemon with the nice breadiness from the muffin. This last cup still had enough flavor to be a satisfying farewell!


I love bakey, cakey lemon flavors, too. My two frontrunning suggestions for substitutes would be Tazo’s Glazed Lemon Loaf and CuppaGeek’s Lemon Swirl (it has a green tea base).


I’ll definitely have to look into those! Thanks for the suggestions!

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I don’t know how this one has held up as well as it has but I still get some lemony flavor and some breadiness from this! Of course not as much as it originally was but it’s still enjoyable enough to finish off what’s left in the bag with no problem!


I had this yesterday and was so happy mine also held up. This tea is so good!


I don’t get it but I’m not going to question it! Hopefully we can see its return or a dupe someday!

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drank Cocadas by A Quarter to Tea
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Sipdown 4

This was one of those where I was saving the last little bit because I was too sad to see it go! Luckily it still had some flavor left even though it was a little too old. I love coconut black teas and this was no exception!

Instead of being super coconut-y today, it was more of a subtle marshmallow. Still tasty but not at its best. Now I just have to figure out what my next coconut tea should be

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I’m honestly not sure I can say I was a fan of this one – I think the cinnamon was a bit overkill. I liked the concept and love the smell of raisins – I thought this might remind me of a Thanksgiving dinner kind of drink. I was excited to receive it in a swap, though – my roommate loved it and she finished the pot.

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Had this in the afternoon today. It is quite old, like maybe two years old. I miss A Quarter to Tea.

This one sounded wonderful. Maybe it was the age, but Ididn’t get a lot of flavor out of it. Some gonger and cinnamon, but no bready pancake goodness. That aid, it was a pleasant cup. Not one I would rush out and buy more of (fortunate, then, that Q2T is not selling right now) but I’ll enjoy the remaining 20 ounces of this.


I hope you mean 2 ounces and not 20 ounces!

Maddy Barone

Ooops! I think I meant 20 grams! But probably 2 ounces is close too.

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