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Another older tea that I picked up back when I was a member of the London Tea Club… I really enjoyed the club and was a member for almost a year and although the tea’s were really good and quite diverse I cancelled due to the less than favorable exchange rate between the AUD and the GBP… This tea has managed to survive the ravages of time quite well… The cherry and almond flavors are still quite present although a little muted but to me, this just makes the tea more enjoyable… The addition of milk adds a creaminess which starts to remind me of warm cherry pie. Another sipdown which means one less tea in my cupboard!!

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Another sipdown and man am I going to miss this tea! It tastes of the most luscious yet delicate red berries… Almost like the first berries of the season, not overly juicy like the over ripe berries at the end of summer that you want to make into jams or pies but instead light and delicate, the type of berries you want to just eat straight off the bush and savor the complexity… Hmm, I think I should do some baking soon :)

This tea really reminds me of times backcountry camping in Alaska in Summer when we would come across wild blueberries and devour them straight off the bush, sweet yet tart and oh so juicy (except this tea tastes like strawberries, rhubarb and cherries not blueberries!)

An amazing spring tea treat!

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So things are finally starting to settle down after the move… Almost all of the boxes have been unpacked and pretty much everything has been put away, even if most of it is just a temporary home until I can find more permanent spaces… that’s always what I dislike most about moving, finding the right spot for everything in the new place…. But, as a benefit, I’ve discovered a lot of hoarded tea during this move squirrelled away in spaces that I had forgotten I had… This is a sample I picked up from someone during a swap when I was a little more active on this site than I’ve been recently… It’s also a sip down which makes me super happy because I’m pretty sure at this point I have over 500 different teas in various quantities laying around my house… I’ve had to hide tea all over the house in various cupboards so my husband doesn’t realize just HOW much tea I really do have… I would never hear the end of it!!! So, I’m working towards at least trying to finish off all my sample sized tea in the next couple of weeks… wish me luck… its a daunting prospect!!! Anyways, enough rambling… onto the tea review… This is a beautiful morning pick me up. It’s malty, earthy with a baked bread scent and taste. If I wasn’t on a mission to reduce my cupboard I would definitely buy some of this. This is the kind of tea that makes me happy to be sitting at my desk at work before everyone else gets in just enjoying the peace and quiet!

White Antlers

Nice review. Sounds like my kind of tea. Since I moved cross country, I work from home now but really enjoyed being first in the office back in SF, sitting with my breakfast tray, tea pot, china cup and saucer enjoying the first cup of the day and the peace and quiet.

Moving is a trial, but there is the joy of discovery and the pleasure of crafting a new home. Enjoy that as well as your unearthed samples.


Only 500, you will run out of it shortly. Time to restock!


LOL that’s the only problem with being on this site… everyone’s tasting notes are so tempting and I have very little willpower!!

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Five more days to go peoples and everything is starting to come together! I am completely spoilt as our company moves us which means no packing, loading or worrying about how our stuff is going to get half way across the country…. AGAIN!! To anyone that’s had to do all the hard work themselves, I salute you! It’s one of the most stressful things anyone could ever do!

This is a tea I picked up while back in Oz about 12 months ago now and its really stood up to the test of time. Its a perfect breakfast tea and it honestly tastes best with milk and a touch of sugar. Its got a nice amount of malt and caramel and goes great with strawberry jam and toast. Not something I would rush out to buy again as I have a ton of good breakfast teas but its one that never disappoints when I’m in the mood for something satisfyingly traditional.


that’s awesome!

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It’s 5 am here and I’m up super early because I have a big long to do list to get finished before I have to be in at work at 7 am… To get through the next couple of 18 hour days I’m going to need bucket loads of caffeine!! Which is perfect because I’m still on my mission to sip down all of my one offs and samples in preparation for our move in a week… Wow, a week… How did that happen so quickly???

I’m a greedy overleafer and since this is a sample bag that came with a recent order my cup is a little under leafed than I would usually brew And so I was a little concerned as to whether my taste buds would pick up the intended flavors. Not to worry! Hot, the tea has a faint banana taste however, like most of 52 tea’s creations, the flavors definitely become more pronounced as the tea cools… Luke warm, the buttery, bready, banana flavors really pop! A Little more subtle on the flavor side than most of 52 tea’s blends but it’s still a great way to fulfill a craving without any of the calories!!

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drank Sans Complexe by THEODOR
217 tasting notes

Another tea swap rescue from the back of the cupboard. I looked this up online to see what type of flavor I should expect and was very excited when I discovered this tea has been blended to invoke a lemon Meringue pie… Only like my favorite desert ever (well, after chocolate turtle cheesecake). I couldn’t boil the kettle quick enough!

Unfortunately I think this tea might be a little old, it’s still pretty darn delicious, but I’m getting more malt and chocolate flavors than I am tangy citrus or creamy meringue… No, wait, as it cools there is a definite tart but sweet lemon flavor starting to punch through… It’s soft, but it’s there.

I would LOVE to purchase more of this so I can experience it in all its glory and I almost pulled the trigger on an order despite being on a buying hiatus until I got to the shipping costs… Woah! €63.60 in shipping for 11 oz of tea?? Holy cow!! I’d be paying $258 for the order… That’s almost $24 an ounce… Ok, back away from the computer, stop hyperventilating and delete that shopping cart immediately… wow, just wow… Sorry tea, I really like you, but not that much!

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Another tea rescued from the back of the cupboard! This is actually quite delicious!! Its got a good balance of malt, vanilla, chocolate and a touch of citrus. The addition of the green tea gives it a very smooth but fresh mouthfeel. I would definitely pick more of this up when my cupboard is back under control.

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Uh oh… I’m not sure who gave this to me in a swap but thank you its absolutely delicious! It’s the perfect blend of salty and sweet and is very complex!! Vegetal, salty, caramelly, buttery, it reminds me a little of salty caramel popcorn! What a delicious, amazing treat and its also sip down which is a little bitter sweet but it feels good to have one less tea in my packing boxes!!

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drank Minted Monkey by Tippy's Tea
217 tasting notes

I am exhausted! But on the very very positive side, more and more things are being ticked off my moving to do list every single day, which is probably a good thing since the move is happening in only three more weeks!!! The visa run to Canada went well and we were lucky enough to be able to spend a couple of days skiing in Whistler while waiting for the Embassy to return our passports (Yay!!) but now were home again and the packing nightmare continues…. So today I’m focusing on finishing our inventory sheets for the removalists and of course, drinking more sadly neglected tea I’m rediscovering at the back of my cupboard…

Tippy’s Tea’s thoughtfully puts the pack date on their packets and so I can quickly identify that this tea is almost 12 months old which explains the lack of mint flavor in the brewed cup… this makes me sad because its all my fault that this tea is probably not up to scratch on the flavor side because I forgot I had it… boo… but thankfully its still a tasty cuppa, just no mint… It tastes a little bit more like a breakfast tea at this point, malty, with a hint of cocoa and vanilla… all in all still a win, it just didn’t stand up to 12 months of neglect.

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This is one of my favorite, ‘take with me to the snow teas’, for drinking on early cold snowy mornings in bed with a book before waking up the husband and getting his butt out of bed for a day of snowboarding on the mountain. I don’t get pecan specifically from this tea but rather a generic general nuttiness which works well with the Caramel and chocolate notes. The addition of milk amps up the creaminess factor and I couldn’t honestly imagine drinking it without a generous splash. I may have to reconsider more of this tea if my stash runs out before the snow melts this season.

Evol Ving Ness

I just started adding milk to this this week. It adds more deliciousness, yes. I also add a wee bit of vanilla black leaf to it from time to time and that is just wow as well.

Evol Ving Ness

Often on the second steep, I’ll add a quarter spoon of Vanilla Black. If you have some handy, you might want to give that a go. Recommended.


Ooo I’m definitely going to try that! Thanks for the tip! :)

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Wife, hiker, backcountry explorer, snowboarder, scuba diver, reader, amateur photographer, wine snob, traveller, student, workaholic and tea addict….

I’m partial to straight oolongs and strong blacks but will drink almost anything if it’s good! I’m also a sucker for coconut, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, raspberry and chocolate flavors and I’m starting to dabble in pu’erh but haven’t found my feet yet….

I’m a displaced Aussie who loves a good cuppa!


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