Fair Trade and Organic +2
Slightly Bitter -1
Lovely floral Balance +1
Good Pricing +1
A somewhat new company (I think) – nice website but it seems to still being worked on as it has already changed recently.
This is a nice tea – but there are many far better out there – here is the issue I have – I have been drinking Shang, Verdant, Teavivre all day today and yesterday so it is going to be very hard to measure up to those companies. HOWEVER in fairness to this one, I have had far worse! The thing is I am new to Jasmine tea as a whole so I have not necessarily had “far worse” jasmine tea. This company seems to be good and I have other teas of theirs to try so we will see.
I like that they seem to know who they are, simplistic bagged tea, with vibrant red, fair trade, organic, and excellent information about the teas, the company, sustainability, etc on their site.

Here is an excerpt from the site:
We decided to sell Chinese tea that is simple, high quality, and straightforward — tea that our friends from Beijing would recognize and enjoy. So: no Mango-Walnut-Green-Tea-Surprise. Instead we will sell green tea, black tea, and white tea. Just tea, no flavoring except for jasmine, which is as traditional a flavoring as tea itself.

I will sample more of the teas I have from them soon. For now this is good, not great maybe but very good.

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