Overall, OK. There are some nice sweet notes of caramel and toasted marshmallow, but there is a fairly prevalent bitter nuttiness that is not particularly pleasant. Again, I brewed this gong fu style and did nothing in terms of milk or sugar. The bitterness would probably be welcome if you brew Western style and add something to it.

I did my best to adjust my leaf ratio, temps, and steep times, but I think what I have here is simply a good tea for Western brewing. Milk would cut down the bitterness and accentuate the nutty and sweet notes.

Dry leaf: grape leaf, sassafras, red currant, some nuttiness, hints of caramel. In preheated vessel: nuttiness and caramel more prevalent, tart fruitiness.

Smell: green nut, caramel, some red fruit, toasted marshmallow

Taste: green/bitter nut, black pepper, toasted marshmallow, finish of caramel, aftertaste of caramel and some red fruit

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Rating info:
100 – I haven’t found the perfect tea yet!

92-95 – So good that I will purchase this tea again, guaranteed. Excellent flavor and value.

88-91 – A tea that I would consider purchasing again at some point. Great flavor and value.

85-87 – Tea that was worth the purchase and that I enjoyed drinking, although I probably won’t be purchasing it again any time soon. Flavor may have slight drawbacks, or the price might be a little expensive.

80-84 – A tea that has some good points, but falls a bit short on its price:quality ratio. Flavor is a bit mediocre.

No rating – I did not like this tea and would not drink it, given other options.


Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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