Many thanks to Angel and Teavivre for sending a sample of this tea to taste and review.

I’m going to admit from the start, that I find mingling flower petals with tea is not something I find appealing. Why? Well, before becoming obsessed with tea, I was obsessed with fragrance. Jasmine and rose are probably the leading additions to most perfumes you will encounter, and that doesn’t mean only “floral” fragrances. And while a lot of my collection are florals, only one or two are jasmine heavy (not a favorite scent…lilies, lilac and tuberose are). So in other words, I’m already biased.

The brewed aroma is very heavy with the scent of jasmine. Not knowing what jasmine petals taste like, I can only imagine while taking first sip. Trying to separate the green tea flavor from the jasmine, I think it imparts a bit of bitterness to the tea. Bitterness isn’t the right word though … more of an aftertaste that lingers, that I am finding unpleasant.

I can see this is a quality tea, and that jasmine tea fans would love it. I’ve tried 3-4 others, and I think it’s just not for me, and no other jasmine tea will be either.

2 tsp, quick rinse first, tsp honey

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I feel your pain… lol

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I feel your pain… lol

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Originally started testing teas, to replace a lifelong Coke (Coca-Cola) habit. Now I’m just amazed at all the choices. Still in beginner stage of tea education. Until I get really good at iced/cold tea, the Coke habit remains, but is down to a minimum.

My cupboard here on Steepster was ridiculous, containing each and every sample size that I have been accumulating. It now only contains non-sample size teas. Loose leaf outweighs the bagged teas, but it doesn’t look that way by the list (over 100 samples).

I started my tea journey testing flavored teas. My favorites are chai and mint flavored teas, along with Earl Grey. Also like chocolate, caramel, coconut, almond, vanilla, cinnamon, clove and some others. Most flavors are better with a nice black tea base. The mint ones seem best paired with greens. I’m branching out now to unflavored teas and it is way more overwhelming then the flavored category. Phew.

My (grown) son has decided that he wants to try to find tea that he likes too, so I’ll be passing along the ones I don’t care for to him (with instructions to then pass them on to his sister…evil plot? yes!). So I’ve removed my shopping list from Steepster and moved it to a spreadsheet (swaps are out for now). My shopping list had grown to 197! By going through each one, I was able to split that in half (since many were added in beginning, before I knew what I like/don’t like).

While not swapping, if there’s something in my cupboard that you’d like a sample of, please feel free to ask : )

Ratings (for now):
90s: Must have in personal rotation. Crave it.
80s: Makes me a happy tea drinker. Very good. Unsure of long term relationship.
70s: Like this. Will drink what I have (sample/tin/box), but unsure of whether I’d buy again.
60s: Probably a good tea for what it is. Just not to my personal liking.
50s and below: Do not like…at all. Either poor quality, yuck flavor or … (see tealog).

Old (and still current) obsessions: books, music and fragrances. Hopefully my tea collection stays much more “normal” then those. (too late)


Central Ohio

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