21 Tasting Notes

drank Ginseng Oolong by Teas Etc
21 tasting notes

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My husband bought this for himself but I inhaled it. Its pretty decent but does have a unique flavor to it. Not really predominantly pomegranate but just a fruitiness.

Bigelow Tea

Priscilla, thanks so much for sharing your comments on our Green Tea with Pomegranate! This one also make an awesome iced tea…you can use the individual teabags or do we offer in iced tea bags.

Kathy for Bigelow Tea

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This has been my favorite sencha so far but I haven’t tried many. Light fruity and vegetal.

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drank Earl Grey White by Teavana
21 tasting notes
A very nice earl grey. I can steep twice, of course the second steep is weaker. Add milk to it and very yummy.

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drank Sencha by Teavana
21 tasting notes

I’ll have to retaste this and come back to this to edit. I haven’t tried many senchas and I’m not sure what quality they were. My first experience was at a restaurant and I loved it. Bought some at World Market in tea bags and tasted just like the restaurant full of flavor nice and vegetal and smooth.
I do not like this sencha so far. It is bland and not what my other experiences were like. Maybe like another reviewer I need to add more tea instead of 1 tsp and play around with the steeping.

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drank Earl Grey Creme by Teavana
21 tasting notes

I’m on the fence about this tea. It’s not a strong earl grey and the creme doesn’t really add what I thought it would. It’s good but not what I expected from it. I like my earl greys to be strong and this is not.

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drank Superfruit Unity by Teavana
21 tasting notes

This was just what i was searching for a nice spring tea. It fruity but not overly fruity light and refreshing. Would probably be a nice iced tea too. When steeped the liqour is a faint pink. It’s just lovely lovely lovely.

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drank Almond Biscotti by Teavana
21 tasting notes

I bought this tea thinking it would be AWESOME with Matevana. Like it would be a chocolate almond biscotti. I’m not a fan of chais or teas with spices so knowing this I still bought this tea even though it has cinnamon in it. The tea is good just not something I particularly like.


Did you try this one by itself or only in combination with Matevana? I only ask because I initially mixed the two and it was okay, but I thought Almond Biscotti was much better by itself.


i have not tired it on it’s own. I will tomorrow but have found I just am not a fan of cinnamon in tea or chai teas.


Cinnamon can definitely overpower everything in a tea, but if I remember correctly (and I may be wrong, it has been quite a while since I have been out of this tea) there wasn’t a strong cinnamon taste to it. So I hope you like it, it was one of the first teas I was really crazy about.

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drank Golden Monkey by Teavana
21 tasting notes

This is a good tea to blend with other tea. It gives other teas a smoother finish. On it’s own i’’m not that big of a fan. The first cup i had of this I wasn’t sure I like it at all. Still I continued to drink it and have grown to like the tea on it’s own. Still it works better with other teas.

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drank Honeybush Vanilla by Teavana
21 tasting notes

I bought this to mix with Matevana. I’m glad I did because it’s really sweet and adds a nice smooth vanilla and honey mix to the earthy chocolate of Matevana. I have not tried it on it’s own but have given it to my husband when he wasn’t well and his throat hurt.

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I’ve always been a tea lover but have recently dived into the world of loose leaf teas.





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