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A note from The Devotea, creators of this tea.
When word got around that we were considering dropping this tea, we started hearing from a lot of fans, including this blogger: http://networkedblogs.com/Uffc9
Please let us know what you think: you can email me directly on [email protected] or comment here.
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Disclaimer: I’m from The Devotea! I blend this tea!
I got up last night in a fog with a severe migraine. Went looking for a cold drink. Found the last 400mls of a litre of this I"d iced for an event two days ago.
Washing down two aspirin with this in the middle of the night was a bizarre experience, because at that moment it tasted like the nectar of the gods. The last glass of any iced tea can have a little sediment and the tea can grow stronger in the bottle (and this one did) but I can honestly say it was wonderful. I might rewrite the instructions of this one!


I agree on the “individual” brewing preferences. We all experiment on brewing. Hope you are feeling better.

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I had this whilst out at a cafe: Cafe Meso at Simply Organoleptic, McLaren Vale, SA. Beautifully brewed and presented in a "pot on cup " device.
To review the whole experience, it was near perfect. Unless they want to wear frilly aprons and serve form silver teapots, it couldn’t get more authentic.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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Robert Godden

This was replaced by Aussie Ginger Chai

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I didn’t get this from the Supplier listed here, having bought it in Australia, but it appears to be identical.
Just a great, great tea. I ended up with a spare half kilo which I dumped in my “Tea of the Moment” canister right next to my kettle a couple of weeks ago. It appears to be empty.
I’m currently sipping a cup at 5am upon arising. But it’s just as good any time of the day. It’s got the slight maltiness of a good Assam and the lingering after-taste of a light Ceylon. Almost like a blend in one tea.
Basically, I love it.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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I must admit, I was not in the best frame of mind before I drank this.
Having wandered around a tourist precinct for a while, I was overjoyed to spot a sign saying “19 whole leaf teas”. Once I got into the cafe, there was a ‘MIghty Leaf" catalogue offering 19 teas. So far so good. It’s not a common brand in Australia, so I was excited.
I picked white orchid, but then changed my mind and ordered this one. I asked to smell them both, but when I opened the tin, they were tea bags.
Sorry, they call them “pouches”. Not sure if they’re stupid or think we are – it’s a tea bag.
Bad start, I should have walked.
So, anyway the beverage comes to the table. It’s in a takeaway cup. I have no idea why. The label said to steep for 5 minutes, I asked how long it had been steeped, and then set the tea timer on my phone. Then you’re supposed to pull it up against the plastic lid to strain it, apparently.
By the time the five minutes is up, the half-asleep staff have served appallingly poor and misrepresented food, and I’ve tried Mrs Devotea’s “Organic Darjeeling Estate”, which is a fine collection of words for – you guessed it – a teabag, and also unimpressive. I’m seriously annoyed, and I invest all my hopes that this tisane will lift my spirits.
And it doesn’t.
The mint notes are good, the rooibos thin and stale-tasting, the chocolate very rough and ready. I drank one third, then left, never to return.
I must say, if I was one who took milk and sugar, I think it would have been much improved.
But, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll ever bother trying it again.

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Peggie Bennett

Mighty Leaf is okay. I’ve had some good and some bad flavors. I haven’t had the chocolate mint, it’s just not something I would try. If I remember right, they have a tropical green that is okay, and also I think the earl grey was okay too.

Robert Godden

Nearly every positive comment I see about Mighty Leaf involves their Tropical Leaf Green or their Earl Grey. Being allergic to citrus, I"ll never know.

Peggie Bennett

Allergic to citrus, wow. Best stay away then. There are better teas and better flavors than citrus anyway!

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I love every tea I received direct from India from Thunderbolt tea.
This one is quite unusual. Best described as a light black that’s a bit oolongy but looks like a white. It’s doesn’t have the oolong back-taste.
It’s just extraordinary.
It has the first hit of a Pai My Tan, then has a comfortable feel of a light Darjeeling black, or even a Sikkim and then finishes with an aftertaste that has the flavour of a white, but with the strength of an old, old oolong.
I’ll be ordering some more!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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I stopped posting here because I found I was saying the same things about the same teas.
Until my order arrived from India.
This tea is pretty special. Delicate, spicy and fruity on the palate with an almost caramelly aftertaste. Or perhaps more like dates.
Second infusion brings out citrus notes and some floral tones

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drank Nilgiri by The Perfect Cup
159 tasting notes

I can’t believe I’ve never put a note on this tea, it’s an absolute favourite.
Dark, rich, malty, strong.
A classic taste of India. Faint tarry quality at times, great with milk and/or sugar, though I drink it with neither.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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It’s All About tea! The link is to my blog. Co-Owner of The Devotea.


Adelaide, South Australia



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