Tea pop seems to be all the rage right now (or so Davids tells me) and while I’ve been doing this for a long long time (adding carbonation to iced tea…and gin…so I guess they came up with not adding gin….) it has inspired me to do it more. This was my first of two tea pops today (the other is steeping as we speak.

STEP ONE, I could brewed this mofo over night in my takaya pitcher. STEP 2, I put it in my travel mug.

SIDE NOTE: So I love love love the leak proof mug davids has come out with this summer, but frigola I have had the worst luck with them. My first one split in the bottom for no reason, so I returned it, and as I was walking out with a new one I saw it had a scratch on it!!! So I had to go back again, and felt like a complete B. Then my dog knocked #3 over when it was on the ground and it cracked. So I have on tumbler #4………. luckily davids has a great return policy and if they ever change it I will cry.

Anyways on to step THREE! Add ice. Step FOUR add club soda that has been sitting around for almost two weeks but is still kinda carbonated. STEP FIVE MARSHMALLOW STRAWBERRY TROPICAL MAGIC TIMES!!!! I honestly was not impressed when I first had this one but DAMN something happened today and it was oh so delightful.

Iced 8 min or more

I’ll have to try teapopping this one. Sounds yummy!

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I’ll have to try teapopping this one. Sounds yummy!

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My love affair with tea began in 2008 when I was living abroad in France. I have since collected teas from all over the world, and enjoy a nice cuppa in the morning. I enjoy mate, black, and herbal tea the best. I am adventuring out a bit into oolong and white teas. Tea is one of my favorite things in the world, and I hope my posts reflect my lighthearted approach to life.

I am a grad student in Ontario where I live with my husband. I study Canadian-American relations and examine Canadian identity through this lens.



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