When I lived in Northern China, there was a green tea from Lao Shan (Mt.) that I just loved.I was sad to come back to the States knowing I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on Lao Shan anytime soon. But then, my local tea shop had Rishi’s kukicha, and I was so excited!

This tea is rich and beany, while still being sweet. It’s not murkily sea-weedy, nor is it astringent. True, it does not have the depth or complexity I found in my favorite Chinese green tea, but it certainly filled that gap in my cupboard!

Now I’ve found Lao Shan elsewhere (Verdant Tea, for one) I do not know if I will be re-stocking this anytime soon. It is pricier for something that’s not as complex, but if I ever see this at a tea shop? I will definitely get this as my default green tea.
Great hot, also delicious iced. Nice in a big pot or in a gaiwan or just floating in a glass.

Nice, idiot proof green, that offers so much more bean and butter and yumminess than other greens widely available.

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I generally drink Chinese teas.

I love things that are interesting, that force me to stop and think about and enjoy what I’m experiencing. Even better are those teas you just have to drink with a friend so that the outpouring of tastes and memories find a sounding board in a trusted companion.

I’m into tea as an experience rather than just a thirst quenching beverage. I love to learn- there’s so much to learn about tea.

I also prefer my teas to be exceedingly delicious, if at all possible. Luckily, I have great tea friends and teachers that can hook me up with the good stuff.

Something I’ve noticed about my ratings:
I tend to use Steepster more like Yelp and less like Twitter. I’ll generally only review a tea once in its life (though that review and rating might be edited over time to reflect changes in my own understanding of it).
I do not generally log each tea I’m drinking as I drink, since that feels like a distraction- I’d rather just drink the tea!
I tend to only review teas I really love or that I really did not enjoy. If it falls somewhere in the middle of “meh” and “that was pretty good, I suppose,” then I won’t be compelled to sit down and spend time giving a nice, fleshed out review and rating.
As such, it might seem like I give out high scores willy-nilly. Instead, I’m doing my first round of rating mentally off-site, and presenting only the teas I really want to share with everyone.


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