93 Tasting Notes

drank Pu-erh Chai by Golden Moon Tea
93 tasting notes

It’s actually decent. I like the fact that I can taste the pu erh under all the spice. The pu erh is woody and fits good with the cinnamon and cardamom. It’s very smooth and the flavors aren’t YELLING. I appreciate that.


uh! I forgot to mention the color is very dark ( brown/black-ish)
And that I got this sample from Doulton!

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drank Da Hong Pao by Seven Cups
93 tasting notes

This is great – no it is awesome!
It taste exactly like a Da Hong Pao should taste like. Smell’s like a sauna, have a malty taste but with a sweet end. I know it’s silly – but there is a base line in the taste that I have a hard time describing. It’s soothing, it’s sweet and clean. It reminds me of whipped cream but without all the sugar. Also noteworthy is the consistence; it’s just a little bit more thicker.

(This tea is from Thomas Smith!)


I love Seven Cups! Their oolong selections are awesome.


Yearh, I look forward to try the other sample too!
And the instructions on the package are very precise. I like that!

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drank Paul & Virginie by Dammann Frères
93 tasting notes

Oh Yum!
I tasted something like this before! I remember I had a tea with these flavors.
If only I could remember!

It’s a black tea with a lot of different flavors… There is caramel. And God how I love the caramel. There is a sweet and bitter thing in the middle, berries or flowers? I don’t know, I can’t get my attention away from the caramel it got me paralyzed. Oh, now I remember what this reminds me of! A.C. Perchs Bailey tea and a Unknown labels Love tea. I am sure those two combined would become this! (Or something close to that)

Conclusion: It’s awesome. I am not sure that I would order it from France, but this tea reminds me that I have to have something caramel-ish tea!

This came from the Doulton package :)

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I used the last 15 min. searching high and low for this tea in Steepster.
Couldn’t find it, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I made a dobbelganger.

The steeping time is only 45 seconds! I’ll let you know that I thought of many rude jokes about the steeping time (some of them comparing this tea with men) but I’ll spare you and just tell you that I had a good grin while counting to 45. The finished product was this bright yellow liquid. VERY bright yellow liquid. The tea smells very oolong tea like (sour leafs) but I can’t catch the fragrance mentioned on the package.

I smiled after the first sip – this tea got everything I remember oolongy, but with a sweet note at the middle. A fruity orange-ish note. Maybe that’s the pommelo flower fragrance? The tea has a sweet and bitter aftertaste that stays with you for some time. Uh-uh! Now I remember this taste! I once read that roses was edible and had a rose eating period. This taste like biting a raw rose! (Please don’t ask into it)

I have to thank Thomas Smith for this tea – he have sent me a package full of pure tea (isn’t he great!?) And I blessed him a 1000 times for sending me some da Hong Pao!!!
Thomas – you and your family have good luck for the next 800 years ;)

Thomas Smith

Updated the product info from the seller’s site for you.
More info here: http://teapersonality.blogspot.com/2008/05/phoenix-mtn-journey.html

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Yay, oolong!
I have conferred with myself and voted oolong to be one of my favorite teas from now on. Oh, I always liked oolong but today I decided to love them.

And how can I not? You get small puny tiny leaves and after steeping GREAT & HUGE leafs takes over your little mug. The color of the tea is yellow – such a yummy color.
The tea smells of some kind of berry (I know, strange…) flowers and veggies.

First sip: CARDEMOM.
Yup. It’s cardemom flavor, I am sure of it. I wonder if I should try to steep it at a lower temp. to get the flavors the other peeps are tasting?

Still Digging into the Package Doulton send me.
Cheers ;)


Do you recall the temperature and steep time you used?


85-90 celcius. 4 min.


Temperature is ok. Try just 2 minutes, with three steeps. You can get different flavors on each steep.


Sometimes 1 minute steeps are sufficient also.

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drank Boléro by Mariage Frères
93 tasting notes

Had this with me to class.
It reminded me very much of Copacabana in apperance, black tea with blue and yellow flowers. The steeped tea was yellow brown colored, and the smell was sweet. It tasted sweet, fruity, but it had a Earl grey-ish bitternes. What is in this? I can’t figure it out!

All in all I like it. Next time I will steep lesser leaves and steep for a shorter period to make it sweeter. (note to self)

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Huh, there is a other tea with this name and picture – only the other one is done by Montana something.

I picked a random, and this came up! Fitting with a herbal at this time of the day.
After sniffing the bag I went to my better half and ask him: “What gum is this?!” and shoved the bag under his nose. His reply was Jenka. Oh yum! It’s been too long since I had that bubblegum!

Color of the liquid – yellow. First impression: Mint and chamomille. There is a lot of other flavors in the cup, but these are the main flavors.

I love it! Maybe I can convince my better half to try something other than his jasmine pearls. ( smiles I love the fact that he loves jasmine pearls!)

- This tea is from the contest Doulton held <3

More than one company reselling the tea (and even changing the name) is REALLY common. There are tons of teas here who have tasting notes under different companies and/or names.


Aha! Makes sense.
I should figure it out myself – but this tea is making me sleepy ;)

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drank Neapolitan Honeybush by 52teas
93 tasting notes

I just picked up a packaged from Doulton in the postoffice!!!
For those who don’t know (but I am sure you do) Doulton held a contest some weeks ago. AND I was one of the lucky winners!

So I picked up this package full of amazing teas (thank you, thank you, Doulton!) and the first thing I noticed was this wierd sweet smell. I sniffed every bag in the box until I found the sinner. It was a unopened bag but I swear I smelled it!

The color of the steeped tea is very close to rooibos color – if not identical.
It smells very sweet and… taste very good. The honeybush taste a lot like rooibos but it’s more neutral? And It really does taste like the icecream! Just a little cream or milk and I am sure it will be dead on!

Like it- love it – want it.

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drank Genmaicha by Unknown
93 tasting notes

… Only one thing comes to mind.

Popcorn soup.


I wish I could find a Gen Mai Cha that tasted like popcorn soup- I always get toasted rice cereal soup. :(


Rice cereal?
Lol huh… well… mine taste like popcorn – no doubt about it.
Buttery salty and nutty…


Yep, cuz it’s made w/ toasted rice that actually pops like popped corn (at least all the Gen Mai Cha I’ve seen is).

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drank Hojicha by Sing Tehus
93 tasting notes

Today Hojicha was on the Select section.
Someone wrote that one could have it to any meals, so I made a pot of it for my breakfast. yawn But maybe I don’t really count, since my breakfast really isn’t healthy. Or normal. Like a little kid I am crazy with koldskål. (milk-lemon-vanilla blend added with crackers).. My better half let’s me, I guess he finally found out that some kind of liquid breakfast is better than no breakfast at all.

This tea is actually good. It taste roasted (yum!)
But in the morning it’s too much. I feel like I am drinking vodka from 8 in the morning (no, I never did and never will – no matter how eskimo or vodkaentusiatic I am) It’s just too much flavor to start out the day with.

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Many things can be said about me, but I rather not go into details… Other than the facts that: Yes, I am from Greenland (Yeah, it’s totaly awesome!) and I love my books, cats and tea.

I love all kinds of tea, but must confess a greater love towards the Da Hong Pao and a deep hatred for Ceylon and Pickwick. (Yes, I am aware that Ceylon is area). Sorry, It’s not them, it’s me.
Other than that I love the greens, the whites and the blacks (and all of the things in the middle) evenly.

Rating system – I love the smileyrate here on steepster, so I’ll just follow that. That’s 1 point for the worst tea in the history of man, and 100 point for some of the best tea… note that I usually rate high because I am a optimist and love all things tea.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
~ C. S. Lewis


Nuuk, Greenland

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