drank Silver Moon by TWG Tea Company
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The main reason I bought a 50g loose version of this was that I missed The THÉ À L’OPÉRA by Mariage Freres so much.No one in my country sells those bulk thus much cheaper version for a long time,so the price goes much higher (about tripled!It’s unbearable !)as to actually the same tea than it used to be,what a pity! And from the introduction of Silver Moon,I figured there may be a good chance they would taste somehow alike.
Bingo!I’m right!Apart from the sweet strawberry aroma,the two are 70-85 percent alike!The A l’Opera does a much better job though——more intense and refined vanilla 、 exotic dried fruit sweetness 、dark amber&soft leather& red berries and robust but elegant incense scent (which reminds me of Tibet) ,while Silver Moon tends to be girly,reminding me of the word “Kawaii” (yes the Japanese one).
The dry leaf smells like some kind of sweet beverage 、strawberry candy or some yogurt&strawberry ,than I get a touch of jade greenness sniffing them rather closely,just like what I get from Opera Tea(plus the dry green leaf look just the same with Opera,in both shape and color).The liquor tastes like Opera with slighter vanilla while without the fantastic incense-caused luxury(/ indulgence),but luckily they shared the same kind of green tea base!Very intense green tea but without any darkness or astringency,thus mellow、light and fragrant . I really like this kind of tea base ,does anyone know what kind of green tea particularly they used in Opera or Silver Moon?
BTW ,Steeping the last brew with only a little water longer and stronger , the taste tended to be more tart&sweet ,girly and strawberry-like,somewhat like tea-and-strawberry-added candy and strawberry yogurt ,not completely my cup of tea concerning the presence of strawberry(I wish it could be replaced by(or cooperated with) some wilder 、more robust and flavorful red berries,cranberry 、raspberry and acai may do the trick?).Anyhow it’s quite soothing and pleasant,with high quality and good potential

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I may have different rating systems as to different kinds of tea,so maybe when you see A is rated higher than B while they are not in the same kind(like they are both black or green or herbs or sth),then it’s possible I like B better personally.

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