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Side by side pu’er test tasting !
2007 ripe bamboo fragrance from RoyalTeaBay vs Random old ripe cake from grocery store

The 2007 RTB stuff is pretty massive, but when you look at it… it’s like it was broken up and then pressed which is a little bit of a let down. The liquid it produces is not very appealing as it has a very basic taste.

However, basic… can be the best! This random cake I purchased is a HUGE surprise because I did not expect it to have a decent quality. Personally, I would have paid $25+ for a tea cake that brews a liquid such as this; I paid $5 though!
The 2007 got trashed at steep 8 because I was not feeling it. This other tea though… liquid fermented brown sugar at steep 12 and still going beautifully. :) :) :) :) :)

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Right now I am eating my favorite cookie… which means 99% of teas taste bad right now because I would rather have this cookie taste in my mouth.

Anyways, oh hey StarTrek is on!
Okay, so I am drinking a milk oolong that a potential supplier has sent me… not sure how they made/treated this tea because it’s really faint on the taste which can be used as a strong point or act negatively. Dark green, hard to pick up aroma, and a light taste; for many this would be a plus because great milk oolong has a STRONG flavor that may not be appealing as I have found with some.

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Brewed this up for my brother and yelled, “HERE HAVE A PINEAPPLE CHAI” (we yell a lot because we can…)

Let’s keep this short and simple:
This is a white chai
This has pineapple
Saying its name makes me feel powerful
I will buy this again

Nuff’ said.

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Strong sheng with some bitterness to it that bites back as I sip away.

This proves, once again, that sheng should be drank when they are ancient (at least by me that is)

The leaf looks mid-grade and not in the high range, but then again I only had a sample that was broken off of a cake.


Use a lower temperature to brew this (Between 80-90 C) and start drinking after 4th or 5th infusion. That should help. Probably just lowering the temperature will take away the bitterness.

Liquid Proust

I always brew my sheng at 188-192f… I just have an aversion for bitterness

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This was 2014th pick given to me in a swap and I must say that it was a rather disappointing 1st flush tea, regardless of time elapse between plucked and drank. Drinkable, but not wanting to sip through this again. This tea misses out on all the high notes that give a tea its name and fame.

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Blunt review:
I am guilty of purchasing tea, and other things, based on name alone; this was one of those purchases. Oolong and melon? Yeah, a must try.
Tonight I decided to bust out my Kickstarter treats from 52Teas and this is my first to try out :)
Honestly, I should have read what was in this because I had this moment of disappointment when I looked at blend. Currently I am in summer mood and dark/baked/roasted oolongs are not as enjoyable but I drank all my TGY :P
This is a personal preference I can get over easily though.

This tea is not broken leaf and the little baby spine (vine) on each leaf is nicely colored to outline the leaf itself. Though, looks are not what appeal to me with tea anymore because I’m all about that mouth feel, taste, and overall connection between mind-body-tea.

This tea has a nice juicy taste to it which is what appeals to me, but to be honest… this tea would be at least twice as good if it used a green oolong as the base. A light tieguanyin with these green cucumber pieces and melon flavoring would be the S***. If 52Teas does a green oolong base with melon, I’m in.

Side notes: Unfortunately while I was transitioning to Japan to finish college 52Teas and Beautiful Taiwan Tea were both doing their Kickstarters… with a few hundred dollars into BTT, I was unable to put more into 52Teas to try more teas; but, I have coupon (puts shades on).

p.s. the new packaging for 52Teas is MUCH more practical.


Thank you for the review. I appreciate the notes about the packaging – it was important to me to have the right kind of packaging. We’re still working on a better presentation/overall package for the subscription packages – but that will be at least a couple of months down the road before we’re able to tackle that.

I will definitely consider a TGY with the cucumber and melon flavors in the future – possibly next summer. Cucumber flavors in tea just seems summery to me.

Thanks for your thoughts, I greatly appreciate them!


I always forget to switch over to the 52Teas account. sigh

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A black tea brewed at 185f… weird.
Anyways, this isn’t very strong and it reminds me of one of the green Darjeeling teas I had from Teabox. Unsure if this is something I would want to drink again as it has a little musk to it that I wish wasn’t there because it’s quite odd… yet I keep drinking to explain what that taste is, yet I cannot.

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Went to my reserved stashed and grabbed an oolong with no cares because I am rather upset…

Spent a good amount on a tea tray after researching a few hours over the last two months for which one I wanted… finally ‘a tea tray’ comes in the mail today and I was excited until I saw a tiny package that had some baby tea tray that doesn’t match the specifics listed by the sellers or anything. I will get over it eventually, but it is something I put time and effort into that I was looking forward to.

Anyways, this oolong has a Beautiful Taiwan Tea company logo on it and it’s rolled… frickin’ good like always, I just needed something amazing to help me not think about this.


That sucks, I’m sorry. :(

Liquid Proust

Absolutely… it was my birthday gift…
I get to send it back and when they get it they will send me the one I ordered…

It’s just upsetting because I had talked to the store owner for about 2 weeks about the item because a tea tray is a pretty important purchase if you plan to use the same one for 10 years.

Once/if they receive the wrong tray they will send out the correct one. AKA… here goes 2 more months. Oh well, I have great tea right now to satisfy me.

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This review could be offensive… but, I am not going to hold back my personality:

When I think of Kusmi, for whatever reason, I imagine bunch of ladies sitting around in a living room about to have one of the cookware, makeup, basket, purse, or coupon buying events drinking some tea that is branded to be ‘fancy’. However, that tea is not ‘fancy’ but just made to appear and be sold as such.

So, there is my faulty thinking… yet, I never drank Kusmi until the green traveling tea box when I saw this. I was pretty excited because I am up to trying anything, especially when it has the potential to change my unethical subjective opinions. Unfortunately this tea did not do this. This tea reminded me that I am allowed to pour out what I am drinking and exchange it with another liquid without feeling terrible…

I believe it passes as drinkable, but not desirable.

Liquid Proust

One blend is not enough to form my opinion of a company so I shall try others to get a better understanding of the Kusmi taste.


I think you should try their Russian teas they became famous for. i can send you some samples when i come back home in Sept

Liquid Proust

Russian teas eh?
I would like to try something they do well. In regards to this jasmine, I also have a negative view on teas that are jasmine that are not jasmine pearls because I’m odd like that.

But, a swap in September would be great :)


Im not a jasmine tea person. the only tea i can tolerate is H&S jasmine pearls. but its green pearls.


I’ve tried to hard to like Kusmi but their Russian blends have too much bergamot in them and the ones that don’t just strike me as kind of boring/average


I like their Anastasia blend but I love bergamot. Their Strawberry Green is something I occasionally reach for but otherwise, I am not a huge Kusmi fan either.

boychik if i have people over Kusmi always a hit with cheese, fruits and pastries.

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