1113 Tasting Notes

Finding this to be an interesting sheng… the mouth feel is thick and leaves a nice sweet undertone aftertaste. To put it in ‘my language’, this tasted like I just ate some 7th steeped old sheng and then eating 3 pieces of smarties right after that sat in a small amount of the sheng.

Really enjoying the mouth feel as it lingers. There is power behind this liquid which makes me want to try other shengs of this sort to see if they have that ’meaty’ness to it.


I like this one.

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Drinking this reminds me of a grandmother who is conservative with her perfume…

Not to mention, my best friend said that my description was absolutely correct which made us both throw it out.

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This was saved for my best friend, but she is over every Tuesday and this one was pulled out today. The presentation was fantastic with the blueberries in the blend :)
This is a unique blend, but… it doesn’t actually deliver.

Unfortunately the smell went to the medicinal side at around 40 seconds in :/
The taste is much milder than desired as well.

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This is the kind of tea that I want to write a fake review about… but I cannot.

This leaf is quite beautiful and once you give it a nice few hot bats you can see the leaf pull away as it is rolled together. I really like the look and color, but the flavor isn’t anything unique. This was to be expected though, however I was hoping it would have something unique to offer such as dianhong balls do versus loose dianhong (this can vary though).

I am thankful to of tried this for sure, but I can’t say it is better than other greens that I have had… for grading it is hard because there is work done in regards to the preparation of making this tea, but shouldn’t a teas score come from the flavor and not the appearance of work put into it?

Roswell Strange

One of the things I’ve learned from the Sommelier course I’m doing is that the grading system describes literally ONLY the appearance of the tea; it has absolutely nothing to do with how a tea tastes. In theory, a broken grade CTC could taste far superior to an Orthodox SFTGFOP. I am marginally surprised to see the Black grading system applied to a green tea though; that’s not super common.

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I’m actually very surprised that I didn’t brew this as a joke for someone…

This did not taste like broccoli, carrot if anything… then again, broccoli is my favorite vegetable so I am picky with it.

This wasn’t bad though, but it also wasn’t as satisfying as a soup broth. The flavoring is off, but it is drinkable to the point that I drank 10 ounces; then I got hungry though.

Leah Naomi

I use tea to cook with some regularity, some teas are explicitly for cooking because they are too strongly smokey, too herby in a culinary way, and/or just trigger a desire for real food. Recently I used a super smoked oolong I can’t stand drinking straight to make “stock” for use in a one pot creamy roasted red pepper and tomato pasta dish. Phenomenal. I could see using a tea like this in that fashion.

Liquid Proust

Trader Joes nasty coconut lemongrass tea is perfect for soup! I know what you mean :)

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drank Baked Ali Shan by Butiki Teas
1113 tasting notes

So… sometimes I am make pretty silly choices when it comes to tea. Today, I made another one :/

After the dentist, with 5 shots bottom and top, with a headache I decided to brew something I reserved (a Butiki from Ost).

All I know is that this is a warm liquid…

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So yesterday was the Columbus Tea Meetup and its theme was iced teas which made me go ‘eh’… but, it is still a tea gathering!

I decided to take some Liquid Proust Teas, but then I was like : “Dude, you never cold steeped your stuff…” But, I rolled with it. I ended up bringing an ESP blend and my Mate Nectar. I told many people that mate teas and green/black teas are VERY different and advised them that they may not like it. The turnout made me smile because I said nothing and let them discuss because I am not going to say something about my teas (except on my birthday when Nostalgia comes out).

This is what I learned: Bringing cups of happiness is more important than supplying money for my own tea habits, but there is the conflict of having enough revenue to continue to do such. The idea of a non profit tea company that takes the earnings to distribute to a partnered tea farmer would be pretty sweet, but that is something that is down the road for me as this seems to be what I should be doing for now. It would be more enjoyable if I could blend teas and send them out for free :/

Anyways, with all that jazz being said: I can still give out free samples ;) but I won’t do Liquid Proust Teas business on here so shoot me a message on Etsy if you want some free teas :)

p.s. I do apologize about this post, sometimes I wish Steepster and Reddit were free of companies because I want a place to shred some teas down to nonexistence and praise others as if they should be used instead of a proposal ring, but whatever. It is what it is.

Liquid Proust

Also: Only two bloggers took me up on this and I have enough to give to three more people so just let me know https://instagram.com/p/4AbQ0ARYNB/

Roswell Strange

I’ve got some reviews of your teas in the SororiTea Sister’s queue currently; they’ll be published later this week – FYI.

Liquid Proust

Did I give you some thank you balls? I know I told people not to review them, but I would like a private thumbs down or thumbs up from someone since it was an odd experiment

Roswell Strange

I don’t think so? I just have the teas you sent in our most recent swap; French Toast Dianhong, Tangerine Jasmine Pearls, Peach Vs. Bergamot, Peach Blossom Oolong, and Fujian Black.

Liquid Proust

Sorry about that, I am unsure how I would of forgotten to do such :/
I will try to plan a trip to Canada so I can mail all the cool peeps north of me stuff without spending half of my yearly earnings; I suppose my tax returns should suffice :p

Roswell Strange

Nah, no worries! I was happy enough to get to try a couple of your blends in the first place :)

Liquid Proust

Ummm… there is no like button on here:

Liquid Proust Liked your comment

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Well… I just drank about 8 different iced teas at a meetup and probably won’t get to revieiwing them seperately.
But, it was quite a bit of fun :)

Look at the swap table http://photos3.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/9/6/1/3/highres_439958419.jpeg

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Warning, long review ahead

Before I had an account on Steepster, I stalked this website looking for the best blenders in America. When I found Butiki I got my best friend and went through their teas to decide what I would purchase. This is a vivid memory for me because it was the first time I bought tea online from someone who was started their own tea company. The teas I got included a few guayusa blends, multiple straight teas, and the fan favorite Birthday Cake. Those teas were stored away quite nicely and treated with high regard and respect because like I said, they were my first high end teas that I researched about.
I wasn’t in the loop because I was finishing college, but Butiki was closing down and I missed the sale which was unfortunate because I really wanted to study their teas because their liquid was my mentor for what I want to produce for the community.
Fast forward a bit: I joined Steepster and found a nice warm welcoming and over the course of a few months was able to acquire samples of more Butiki teas so I could realize the different between teas smashed into mixtures and hand blended teas that had something beyond ‘like’ put into them (I call it ‘love’).
That brings me to this blend here, one that I really dislike the taste of. However, true studying can’t forfeit once it finds something it doesn’t like. So what did I do? I drank a lot of this today to come up with my reflections.

This tea communicate what Butiki was about, at least from my perspective, bringing teas to the community that are clearly unique and only to be found from the hands of one master blender. I don’t want Butiki to be remembered for the interesting straight teas they had nor the simple flavorings such as the Lychee Oolong I tried yesterday, but the truly remarkable flavors that were able to find themselves in the high, low, and unknown tones of teas. I am not a fan of the flavor of this tea, but it is smooth and I can taste each flavor run across my taste buds in a silky transaction of providing me with its taste. The difference between this tea and something like their Farewell tea is that this has so much going on that you can’t identify it in just one sip, which makes it a memory to cherish. This kind of blend would overtake a coffee shop in an instance. The warm pumpkin taste with such a mild sweet pu’erh taste that somehow has cream notes that hit the side of the mouth and not the tongue (as I have experienced) is a wow factor.
If only I was able to swoop up more Butiki when they were around, yet I am grateful for the Steepster community that has been so graceful by providing me with the opportunity to have almost 20 of their teas now.
A farewell might have been issued by Butiki, but I assure you that message was not 100% accurate as Butiki is not truly gone; it will live through those who supported and appreciated it for what it was.


Long Live Butiki! :( I missed their closing sale too, as I was out of “tea loop” at that time. A tragedy, I assure you. I will forever be searching for more Butiki blends to indulge in.

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drank Lychee Oolong by Butiki Teas
1113 tasting notes

While I have a love for Butiki… this was a let down, mainly because of the experience I had with my bestfriend with the Dragon Lychee Pearls from TeaLux. My frame of reference for lychee will always be those pearls because we put all my other teas to the side to resteep that tea until it honestly wouldn’t steep.
The lychee taste is quite strong and pleasant in this tea, yet I cannot say that it is better than what ETTE Tea has done with lychee recently. Somewhat conflicted because I always want to rate Butiki high, but this one lacked integrity from the oolong itself.

Roswell Strange

For me this is my favourite lychee tea not because of the base (which I view as solid but not mind blowing) but because of how accurate the lychee flavour is to the real fruit. I am sorry you didn’t love it though.

Liquid Proust

It is quite accurate!
Its just that the more I drink, the larger my frame of references become for teas. Such as pu’erh: At first I only had cheap $2/100g type and thought it was pretty good, but then I began to have W2T, YS, Bana, and others which completely obliterated those prior thoughts.
Have you had the Lychee Dragon Pearls? I was blown away by the black tea pearls first of all, but the flavor… it just made me sit there and look at the liquid like ‘really?’

Roswell Strange

I have not, though I’ve now added them to my wishlist. I think I initially avoided them because I’ve had really bad experiences with black based lychee teas.

Liquid Proust

If you ever get them, mark my words, I will reimburse you the cost if you don’t find them lovely.


I find that I agree with Roswell Strange, the flavoring with that lychee oolong is quite remarkable in the accuracy to the fruit. Also the flavor blended so well with the oolong base. I remember this tea wasn’t even available for the final sales because Stacy reserved all that was left for her husband. I was quite devastated. I haven’t yet found one that’s comparable.
The black lychee pearls are quite lovely, but they do give a distinctly different profile, not least because of the difference in base teas. It’s also probably down to a preference thing, I know for sure I’ll probably pick Butiki’s, even with a large bag of the Lychee Dragon Pearls in currently sitting in my cupboard; but my preferences also lend towards me picking oolong over black most of the time.

Roswell Strange

I, too, was devastated it wasn’t available for sale – though I messaged Stacy and was able to buy an oz. off her from what she’d set aside. This is one of those blends that, had I not gotten at least a little ‘top off’ I would have been CRUSHED about. Also, I agree it comes down to personal preference though personally I usually reach for black tea over oolong and I find this much superior to any lychee black I’ve ever had.


Sadly, this is one of the Butiki blends I was never able to try. Hopefully someday I will track down at least a cup’s worth to sample.

Liquid Proust

TeaNTees check your PMs :)


Midbrainthis is best ..Fantastic work and very well-written article. I will recommend reading it to all my friends.

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