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I smell the leaves: they have a strong aroma of roses…

I taste the plain liquid.

It is dry yet just a hint of sweet prevails! It is also very floral, very rosy.

When I look at the tea in my mug, the liquor is a clear green…

I add sweet.

The sweet brings out the floral flavor of the roses nicely.

I go outside, in burning heat, to watch my little brother skateboard.

Sipping the tea, I think of clouds on this cloudless day…

The tea is still dry.

I have my little brother try some.

“Tastes like sugary water roses.” he says with a matter-of-fact tone as a wide grin spreads across his face.

I smile back.

I suppose he’s right.

This is a nice tea for deep thinking, as the name suggests it is. It makes me think of slow-moving clouds shifting distantly in the sky.

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Nice meditative calm scene.

Hesper June

Beautifully written words!


I agree. :)

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I tasted the plain liquid in my mug.

Was it…caramel?

What did I taste?

It was…vanilla? cream?

What was it…licorice? Yes.

And what else….flowers?

Yes It was like drinking nectar from…what kind of flower…

Honey Suckles, like the ones back home in California…yet these suckles were made with licorice…

Red or Black…black licorice for sure…

Sweet and cream were added.

What was it…Creamy? Caramely?

It was…light…bright…yet heavy like twilight…

What was that flavor…Licorice? flowers? creamy caramel? All of the above, I think.

The flavors were wet and heavy in my mouth with an aftertaste of…cream? No…more like melted caramel…

It was like laying in a pasture of colorful flowers, petals tickling my nose and scattering over my body…The aroma of nectar…The hum of bees over my head…A gentle breeze…

Then I swallowed.

Everything vanished.

I took another sip…

I was back in that pasture, full of delight.

I swallowed and it vanished again.

I had no choice but to keep sipping away at the sweet liquid until it was gone…

This tea was very calming and just perfect for a boring and hazy night on the couch all alone.

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Hesper June

You are making me want a cup of this right now! :-)

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First, as I usually do, I smelled the tea leaves.

They already smelled very much like caramel with just a hint of vanilla in there somewhere.

When I had steeped the tea, I removed the leaves to find the refreshing sight of a brownish red liquor in my cup.

I tasted the tea plain at first.
It was already a little sweet, without having to add sweetener, and it was also smooth like cream. The flavor of caramel was very bold, blending in with a strong sapor of vanilla.

I then added sweetener and some cream.

The brew gushed brilliant flavors into my mouth and over my tongue, lingering as I swallowed what seemed to be sweet candle light from a birthday cake.
The caramel mixed with the vanilla and came.to.life.

It was like drinking the essence of a birthday cake: Very sweet, yet balanced; very creamy and smooth and wet on the tongue, the savoring flavor tardy in my mouth long after each sip I took and swallowed eagerly.

I would rate this tea as one of my absolute favorites! huzzah!

(I drank at least nine other mugs of this tea throughout the day~)

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I love this one!! I think it really tastes like liquid birthday cake! :)


Yes, you definitely are related to me!

Hesper June

9 mugs! Wow:-) it sounds very yummy

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Still here with my grandmother…

I smelled the tea leaves of Butiki Tea’s latest Oolong, attempting to savor the scent before the taste.

They smelled particularly like PEZ candies and I could almost taste it in my mouth already.

Grandma poured some in my cup and handed it to me.

The color was a fading golden-yellow, promising to be smooth and silky when I drank it.

I smelled it once more, savoring the candied and flowery smell (no wonder ‘flowery’ was in the name) and finally took the first sip.

A wide grin spread across my face.

Yay! It tasted just as deliciously as it smelled! Hallelujah!

I then added sweetener and the flavor got serious.

It was so perfectly sweet and the taste of pineapple had gotten to work!

A blast of juicy pineapple exploded in my mouth and my taste buds rejoiced as a dendritic zest zinged and zanged my tongue and then quickly disappeared as I swallowed.

Just as it had promised, the Oolong was silky and sleek when I swallowed it.

It was as if I were drinking sunlight.

Hurrah! The tea was a success! Thank Butiki Teas for creating such a flavorful experience in a cup!

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OK tell grandma what dendritic is Megan!


Flowery or floral

Jim Marks

I’m sensing a trend, here, with the spiny citrus.

Welcome on board! I’ve gone a bit underground these days, but it is nice to see a new author with articulate fingers!

Hesper June

Drinking sunlight? Oh my! I am so glad that ordered this tea and it is on it’s way to me:-)

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drank Pineapple Oolong by Lupicia
5 tasting notes

This is my first review on anything at all, especially tea, so here goes!~

I had been sitting with my grandmother, talking about virtue and morals (and boys) while the TV was on the news channel. The room was dim and I had just finished taking a bath when grandma asked me if I wanted to try a new Oolong tea. I agreed eagerly and she had me first smell the tea leaves.

They smelled very sweet already and the smell of pineapple was very strong as well.

The Oolong was very bitter yet very floral on the first brew so I and my grandma brewed it again, sour grimaces on our faces all the while. With the second brewing, in grandma’s Gaiwan, the Oolong was so much sweeter and creamier than before on the first taste and smell, without adding any sweetener. The color of the tea looked a smooth and buttery gold and reminded me of sunlight on still waters of a river or lake. Even without sweetener, the tea was very very floral with just a hint of pineapple, just enough to make me imagine myself in a tropical paradise sitting under palm trees and humid sunlight, and the greenest ferns and grass at my feet.

With a spoon-tip-full of sweetener, the Oolong came to life.

The floral flavors burst out onto my tongue, I savored the creaminess as it flooded my mouth, and after I swallowed, the taste became very buttery and silky, leaving a aftertaste of sweet pineapple and sugary butter.

I drank the remainder of the tea in my cup, straining to restrain myself from guzzling it down all at once, and was very sad when it was finally finished. I enjoyed this Oolong by Lupicia very much, it only being my third Oolong ever; it is delicious, as long as it is brewed more than once for a more concentrated flavor. :)
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Welcome to Steepster, and good review!


Thank you very much~


Welcome granddaughter Megan to Steepster!!!!


Welcome, Megan! :)

Hesper June

Welcome Megan! I had to come meet the wonderful young lady Bonnie has been speaking of in her tea reviews as of late.


thanks for the welcomes!

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I am the second child out of three biological girls, and the second oldest out of six children and several foster children off and on. I am a sixteen year old composer of choral pieces and orchestral, sometimes symphonic, pieces. I have a huge passion for music and creative fantasy writing; I’ve been working on a novel for six years, hopefully to be a series called “The Door to Ellm.” Though I’m not very close to finishing…

I usually try to go and hide from the vulgar masses who scream and gnash their teeth (in other words, my five little brothers).

My favorite kinds of tea are the very floral ones or the candyish cakey flavored ones~
I can appreciate earthy teas as well, although I do not prefer some of the very smokey teas.


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