This is one from the six samples of spring 2016 taiwanese oolongs received as present by someone. :) <3

The dry leaves are rolled, with the stem visible, and they smell fresh and vegetal.

I washed them for 15 seconds at boiling temperature, the leaves just half opened.
The next steeping was for 1 minute and the leaves were finally full opened, showing entire stem with 3-4 apical leaves. The leaves are intact and they have a beautiful dark green colour.

The body liquor is soft and creamy, it’s clear and it has a vibrant light yellow colour.
It has a light and vivacious flavor with floral (flowers with strong smell), weeds and, secondly, vegetal, herbal, and marine notes. These notes remains as aftertaste in the mouth for long time.
I think that the second steep is the peak, from the third it starts to die, but I continued to steeping it also for 12 minutes. Yes, at the end it’s flat, but it’s a very pleasure to taste floral and vegetal notes, delicate by then.

My first (superficial) thought when I tasted it for the first time was: “that seems an hybrid between Sencha and Pouchong!”.
Sorry, lol.

Steeping time: 1’;1’15’’; 1’30’’; 2’; 3’; 5’; 8’; 12’.

Flavors: Floral, Flowers, Marine, Orchids, Vegetal

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Hi everyone!
I’m a begginer, I’m still exploring this vast world of tea by reading books, tea blogs, reviews and discussions on Steepster, and of course by drinking as much new types of tea as possible.

I love green teas from China (except teas like Gunpowder, Chun Mee..), and Japan.
In my cupboard there must be always present some Sencha and any chinese green tea which has apricot or vegetable notes.
I’m very curious to try teas from South Korea, but for now I had the pleasure to try only Woojeon green tea.

I also like roasted oolong, red tea, yellow tea, white tea which only recently I restarted to drink it (I had a bad experience in the past with a very bad quality of Pai Mu Tan).
But, ehi, also some light oxidaized oolong are not bad, I’m starting to like them too! XD

I’m new on Pu-erh and Hei-cha teas from april 2016 and I already love them; surely I need more experience and more tastings but it’s sure that I’ll never leave them anymore.

What about (white, green, black…) teas from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc? For now I’m not focusing my personal growth on teas with them. I’m not a big lover of indian black teas, but I’m slowly starting to appreciate them too.

I hardly drink flavored teas, herbal/tisanes, while I completely dislike Jasmine Green Tea and Earl Grey.

Sorry for any grammar or lexical mistakes.. """"( ._.)

The most WOW teas in 2016 which made me thrilled:
- “White Down Silver Needle – Zheng He” from Grand Tea
- “Liu Bao” from Grand Tea
- “Fou Shou Shan AAAA Spring 2016” from Teaway
- “Raw Pu-erh Simao 1999” from Grand Tea
- “2016 Spring Mengsong Raw Puer” from White2Tea




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