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Lemon-Lime Meringue Kukicha is a VIT (Very Important Tea) indeed! The aroma is intoxicating and the liquor is tangy, sweet, and creamy all at once. This tea is very refreshing and satisfying with a bit of agave as a dessert tea. Yum!

I have to run but I wanted to check in with my Steepster friends. I hope you’re all well :))


Glad you checked in! I have been wondering about you!

Daisy Chubb

Wow you got your VIT so quickly :D
Good to see you Jenn :)


SimplyJenW & DaisyChubb, you guys make me smile! I’m going through a crazy time, but I’m just beginning to see that light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for not forgetting about me ☺

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Yeah, this tea blend is fantastic iced and it’s the perfect way to rehydrate after working out. I can easily polish off a pitcher a day.

The Teavana people can be tricksy and false… but I admit to loving this blend.

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drank Cool Coconut Chai by BigTeaHouse.com
150 tasting notes

This is my cuppa chai! Cool Coconut Chai is a spicealicious red rooibos based chai with a creamy coconut twist. I couldn’t resist adding a bit of agave and coconut cream to this tea and it made the flavors sing. So very, very, very yum.

I’ve been away from Steepster more than I like for the past week and I’m missing my tea-friends. Why must life get in the way of my fun???

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Apple Cinnamon Rooibos is a very tasty red rooibos tea. I’m not always a huge fan of red rooibos, but this tea is a delightfully sweet apple cinnamon blend that makes me yearn even more for autumn.

I can’t take much more of this summer weather…

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drank Ooooh Oolong by Urban Tea
150 tasting notes

Tea and Gratitude.

I had a bad day yesterday and I was prepared to log onto Steepster and bitch about my day today as well. Then I received a call from my husband at about 4:00 p.m. He called to assure me that I was going to see some terrible news reports, but that he was fine and would be flying back to LA tonight. My husband was on a research trip at the Reno air-show and a propeller came within 60 feet of hitting him. I’m so very, very, very, very grateful that he’s safe and coming home tonight. Yesterday was his birthday…

Ooooh Oolong is a tea that I’ve been saving (because I’m a nutter) for a time that I could really enjoy it. Today felt like the right day to finally try it. The magnolia in this tea is gorgeous and soothing. The aroma takes me back to my parents’ home in FL. My mother adored her magnolia trees and they were so fragrant in the summer. I would dangle my feet in the water off of their dock and watch the otters steal fish out of the neighbor’s nets. I’m sure that it was also super humid and that there were tons of bugs, but in my idealized mind’s eye I only smell the magnolias. This oolong is smooth, sweet, and the perfect tea for a celebration of gratitude. I’m so thankful that LiberTEAS was kind enough to share this fine tea with me. That LiberTEAS lady has been mighty good to me!

My heart goes out to the families of those who were injured, or worse lost their lives today in Reno. I vow to complain less and be far more grateful for the good life and luck I have.

Edit After my husband arrived home he told me that the propeller actually came with in 6 feet of his group, and that a guy standing 2 feet from him took a large piece of metal to the chest. That poor man.


This summer has taught me to be deeply grateful for small and simple things like cups of tea, clean clothes, and kind acquaintances and strangers who have listened to my rants and encouraged me when I was sagging. Grateful right along with you that your husband is safe and coming home.


this sounds delish!!
So glad your hubby is safe, and yet so sad for those who lost their lives :(


I’m so very glad to hear that your hubby is safe and sound. Living quite a few years in Reno, I was saddened to hear of the tragedy at the air show. My thoughts go out to those who were injured (and killed) there, as well as their families.

On a less important note, I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed the tea.


Thank you all so much for your kindness!

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I’ve had a terrible day. A really, really, bad day. AND I have all sorts of free-floating anxieties because I’ve fallen behind on so many of my commitments and obligations. Gish…

I’m very grateful that I have Minty Kitty Oolong to calm my nerves and sooth my troubled soul. Minty Kitty is a custom blend by our fellow Steepster Little Mew Brew and it’s a fantastic escape from the awfulness of my day. I highly recommend this tea because it’s actually making my night m u c h better. Get some! You won’t regret it :)

You can buy this blend in the Little Mew Brew’s shop: Http://www.etsy.com/listing/81332982/minty-kitty-oolong


sorry to hear about your day. Tomorrow (well, today) has got to be better right?


Hang in there, Jenn!


Thanks for the kind comments about the tea! I hope your day got better!

Daisy Chubb

Oh noes!~ It’s 19 hours since you wrote this, I hope that time has done some healing and calming :) Hang in there !

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First, I have to raise my cup to the lovely Indigobloom who is enjoying her last day at a crappy job today. Here’s to new beginings :)

Oh, golly. I have a huge tea-crush on The NecessiTeas, and I’ve yet to try a tea created by Ms. Linsey that isn’t rave worthy. Blackberry Maple Waffle will receive my first lukewarm review. This is a good quality flavored black tea, but I don’t get any maple or waffle flavor from it. The blackberry essence shines in this tea for sure and I guess that’s reason enough to like it. I just had my heart set on a true Blackberry Maple Waffle breakfast experience… I didn’t get that.


hehe thx Jenn, you just made my day!! however, the new girl is a little overwhelmed so I’ve been asked to stay on another day to train her. I go back for one more day, on Monday no less! oh well. Irony had to make a play in there somewhere :)


You and I are cut from the same cloth because I’ve done the same exact thing! We’re suckas.


haha really?! yup, we’ve both been played for job fools!


I think that we just have integrity and strong work ethics. Even if I don’t care for a company or organization, I’d never want my legacy to be negative. I’ve always done my best to leave my staff and my affairs in the best possible order even if secretly I’d love to stick it to the bad people.


yeah that sounds about right! I’ve lost quite a bit of respect for the people at that office but they do work in a cut-throat industry so I guess I’ll let some of their issues slide :)
and the girl who is replacing me, she’s very sweet! I can’t let her stress just because I want outta there. Darn my work ethic!! ;)

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drank Melon by The Tea Nation
150 tasting notes

I have no clue where this tea came from, but it was in a sealed container so I decided to use my found Melon flavored white tea for a pitcher of iced tea. I cold steeped it overnight which may have been a bit too long because the iced brew has an alkaline tinge to it. Fortunately, it’s just a tinge so I’ll have no problem drinking the rest of the pitcher. All in all this white tea is pretty tasty with a natural melon flavor.

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drank Banana Split by The NecessiTeas
150 tasting notes

Oh yeah! Banana Split is really hitting the spot tonight. This is a delicious rooibos blend that delivers a powerful dessert punch. I’m not sure how many banana teas I can support in my collection, but I may have to add this one because it’s pretty damn great. It’s really more of a banana/ strawberry tea so that makes it different, right?

Why do you make it so difficult for me not to buy every tea you make Ms. Linsey? Why????

Edit: Banana Split tastes even better after it cools a bit. So good!

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My tea of happy hour! I’ve never had a rooibos and black tea blend before, so I was intrigued to try this tea.

This is a pretty blend. Saffflower and marigold blossoms make for a very colorful mix with dried fruit, black tea, AND rooibos. The infusion is a dark, ruddy, very wine-like color with a fruity/vanilla aroma. At first sip, I do get a sangria flavor. Lots of fruit notes but it’s difficult to really distinguish what they are. Blueberry? Raspberry? Blackcurrant? Yeah, all of them I guess. And vanilla… I defiantly taste vanilla or something creamy. I don’t know if the rooibos and black tea blend makes much of a difference. I like the combination I guess. Maybe the rooibos serves to mellow the black tea a bit which helps to achieve the fruity wine flavor?

This tea is a pretty good tea and a nice start to a fun Friday night. Now off to have the real deal and some tapas :)

Edit: This tea tastes better cold than hot. I’m not going to change my rating, but it’s worth noting.

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I’m an animal loving vegan foodie, and a card carrying tea fanatic! Didn’t you get your card?

I typically drink my black tea with a splash of almond or coconut cream and a dash of turbinado sugar or stevia. My green teas I typically drink straight, and the same goes for most of my other teas with an occasional exception. I live on the edge!

Please check out my website Cookin’ Vegan at www.cookinvegan.com if you’re hungry.

I’m also a bit of a knitwit. I have an Etsy shop where I sell pretty little knitted and knitting accessories called Baubles 4 Knitwits at www.Baubles4Knitwits.etsy.com.

Find me on the Twitter @cookinvegan http://twitter.com/#!/cookinvegan

But enough about me…


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