So I won this from Red Leaf Tea for choosing a matcha name Yay! And they said I could choose any flavor and I could pick from flavors that had not been released yet. So I choose this one :) Now they are released on the site now, but when I got to choose its was all like Oh! I want to be the first one to get this :)

Now what I got was Size: Large Quality: Classic Flavor: Robust (first robust flavor other then the mocha one I got from Azzrian :) I forewarn I have been rambling on about everything today, so I probably will in this review too.

I have never had a creme brulee but from what I’ve watched (being obsessed with the food network) its like a custard with burnt sugar on top. So this is definitely a sweet creamy drink, cant say I get the burnt sugar taste. I do get more flavor from this one then matcha, but obviously I usually get my matchas in delicate so this being robust flavoring its going to have more :) I’m not sure why but when I drink this it tastes like the cheesecake matcha to me, I think I like this one a bit more then cheesecake its more smooth and delicious to me.But my cheesecake was also in delicate flavor. It is very good, sweet and creamy like a custard should be. Here is the link so everyone can get some :) http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/creme-brulee-matcha.html

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Gosh I’m so horrible at these things. So my name is Cedes. I just recently started drinking tea. I pretty much like all the tea that I’ve tried.

I have 2 dogs that are rescued. I am a very big animal person.

My favorite tea at this very second would be dt banana nutbread. I like more fruity teas then plain teas. I’m not one for just regular tea.

The only tea place I’ve tried so far is davids tea. But hoping to try some new tea brands. My new thing is trying matcha. Got some coming in the mail. So yay to trying new tea!



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