Silver Needle

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White Tea
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Bitter, Cedar, Floral, Jasmine, Sweet, Toast, Honeysuckle, Straw, Cream, Hay, Honey, Chestnut, Citrusy, Cut Grass, Earth, Autumn Leaf Pile, Corn Husk, Grass
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Bulk, Loose Leaf
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From Teavana

Also known as Yin Zhen, this well guarded secret of Chinese emperors is a rare delicacy for a Western table. The most tender white downy tea buds are harvested only two days out of each year using the centuries old techniques of Imperial Gathering. This exceptional tea was reserved for the Chinese imperial family until just a few decades ago when it became available to the general public. Famous for its subtle taste, pale infusion, and extraordinary purity.

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59 Tasting Notes

43 tasting notes

As I was drinking from my favorite tea bowl, I became concerned about being someone who has a favorite bowl.


Is having a fave bowl a bad thing? I don’t think so… I LOVE my matcha bowl! Getting to drink out of a bowl is half the fun of matcha.=P


There is a story about a zen master who noticed that one of his students had a favorite cup amongst the monastery’s cups. One day the mischievous master hid the cup and watched his student attempt to deal with the angst from his possessiveness. The student couldn’t let go of his attachment to the cup. On another day the master chose the cup for his tea and then allowed the cup to slip to the floor and shatter. According to the story the student asked the Master why he’d let the cup break. The Master shrugged and said, “It’s just a cup.” At that moment the student attained enlightenment.

So sometimes it’s best to release one’s attachment to a favorite bowl. And sometimes it’s not the right time to do so. So perhaps Stephen is working towards enlightenment.


I should point out that I am utterly unenlightened and adore both my Bodum YoYo cup and my beautiful glass matcha bowl. I will work on non-attachment later.


@Carolyn, YoYo cup? lol:) You have a point, there is nothing wrong w/ enjoying your teaware (or anything else material for that matter) as long as you don’t hold it on a pedestal that no material item should be on- because as the saying goes, you can’t take it w/ you.


@ Carolyn – I love the story!
As long as you aren’t calling your favorite cup “my precious”, I think everyone will be ok.


Carolyn, that’s a great story, but if you think it’s going to make me brake my favourite pot with farm animals on it for the sake of enlightenment, you can think again! :)

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125 tasting notes

There is only a little bit left of this tea at the bottom of the tin. Maybe another serving or two. This silver needle was the first one I ever tried and pretty much the only one. I won’t be restocking this time though because it’s time to branch out and try others. Teavivre organic Silver Needle is on its way…

For the time being though, this one is ever so satisfying. It has never disappointed me. It’s delicious and aromatic. It’s flowers and honey. It’s so good. :)


I’ve never had teavana’s, but i’ve had Teavivre’s and it is fantastic if you’re into delicate but still flavourful teas.


Oh, I’m so into them TeaFairy… I holding my hopes high for Teavivre one. :)

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132 tasting notes

This is an extremely mild and very subtle tasting tea! You really have to sit there and close your eyes to concentrate on the slight grassy notes that it has to offer. I prefer more taste and flavor to my teas, but the health benefits are supposed to be great when drinking a Silver Needle tea. This would probably be great blended with another tea that has flavor, just to get in your daily dose of health benefits.

Daniel Mann - Georgia Tea Co.

Hey Jessica, nice review. I have a very popular tea called Cancer Fighting Tea which blends Silver Needle, Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Rooibos Mirage(Peach, Lemon and Orange flavored). It’s quite yummy plus you get the health benefits of both silver needle and rooibos. I’ll send you some.


Thank you Daniel! Jasmine Dragon Pearls are my ultimate favorite tea out there so far and peach mixed in a green or white tea is always a plus, you can never go wrong there; I look forward to trying this blend, it sounds amazing! Again, thank you.


Lol — I think you had her at “Jasmine Dragon Pearls” ;)


Lol yes, yes he did! hahaha


(how funny — I think Jessica and I posted at the very same time!)

Daniel Mann - Georgia Tea Co.

Heh. There is trick to buying Jasmine Pearls. There are numerous different grades and types. Some sell a “Jasmine Pearls” which is not the same thing. It’s a lower quality pearl that’s only scented 1-2 times with jasmine flowers. Then there are several grades of “Jasmine Dragon Pearls” which are ‘okay,’ but the best grade is called, “Organic Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls from Fujian Provence.” They are organic, hand picked and hand rolled 100% buds, which are scented 8-10 times with jasmine flowers. Their aroma is amazing, it kicks you in the face. They are a bit more expensive, but if you’re going to have Jasmine Pearls, you gotta go all out or it’s just not the same.


I have noticed this amongst the Jasmine Pearls that I have tried… I’m somewhat on a mission to find the very best out there so far the winner of my heart is Teavana’s which are the Phoenix Pearls. The Art of Tea has a lower grade I am guessing since they are named simply “Jasmine Pearls”, but they’re pretty good as well.

Daniel Mann - Georgia Tea Co.

Do you know what type of Silver Needle you tried from Teavana? The grade makes a big difference on it too. There is a medium grade which a lot of companies sell which is called “The King of the Silver Needle” but despite the name ‘king’, it’s not the highest grade. The highest is called Yin Zhen Silver Needle, only the largest and nicest buds are hand picked out for Yin Zhen. Also the more down or fuzzy hair on it, the higher the quality. Some Silver Needles are naked, or don’t contain any hair, they are very low grade and don’t taste great at all.

Daniel Mann - Georgia Tea Co.

Actually, I went to their web site, they do sell Yin Zhen Silver Needle, and by the looks of the needle, it’s correct. I knew they used to sell Yin Zhen, but quite a bit of their teas have changed over the last 10 years.


I’m not sure, it was just called “Silver Needle” I believe, but the leaves weren’t fuzzy, not no where near as fuzzy as their picture online shows them. Hmm now I want some fuzzy leaves… wait, does that sound a bit odd?!


Hmmm maybe the fuzz got knocked off from being rattled around in their canisters? There wasn’t very much fuzz, maybe I’ll have to try their Silve Yin Zhen Pearls, but they’re a bit proud of those and I only want to sample it and not own 2oz of it! ;-)

Daniel Mann - Georgia Tea Co.

Oh, yes, they mark up their teas a lot. They have always been some of the most expensive teas on the market. That’s mainly because there main business is specialty tea shops in areas where there are no tea shops, so there online store is only an added bonus to them, so they don’t care to compete much in price online.


That is a good point, very true!


@Daniel Mann: Just gotta say a big thank you for all the interesting information you’ve been adding to comments lately. I’ve always loved it when liberTeas or Frank add some bonus knowledge to conversations — it’s great to have another tea guru out there helpin’ out us noobs :)

Daniel Mann - Georgia Tea Co.

Hehe, you’re far from noobs, you guys and gals have probably drank more than tea than I have. I may have the knowledge but you have the tea wisdom! It’s encouraging and informative to read all the reviews, nothing helps me more. I love to talk about tea, so this is a great place to do it.

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421 tasting notes

I don’t ever drink this tea alone. I tend to add it to more potent teas to cut the flavor a little when I want a milder peppermint for example. I might have to try it on it’s own and see how that is.

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55 tasting notes

This is my day to day tea (at the moment). While usually not a Teavana fan, my sister got this for me for Christmas – and I’m loving it. Very subtle, grassy flavor, fantastic color and scent. Really enjoying this!

175 °F / 79 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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81 tasting notes

If anybody by now has not tried silver needles from a teavana I suggest do so! Its a great intro to White Tea 101 for anyone who willing to buy quality leaves at fair prices, and love purity in taste. Not a whole lot of frills, complex flavors, or the kitchen sink, its simply a grassy/ slightly hay-ish taste much like green tea. A nuttiness can also be found based from its primary flavor which are quite related to one another adding a tad bit of starchiness. There is quite a chocolaty aftertaste at the end of the tongue, a bittersweet sensation that beckons a dear drinker for more tea. Just my kind of tea!

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec
Invader Zim

I found Silver Needle from Teavana and Rishi to be more sweet and less hay-ish than from other companies like H&S. I enjoy the ones from Teavana and Rishi better because of that. Definitely a good tea regardless!

Anthony Bazic

It is isn’t it? I never actually bought white teas by the bulk but instead have to deal with samplers and bagged white teas that satisfy my occasional urge. Its nice to have some sinful indulgence sometimes and say it’s worth the costs with best leaves in planet! Much love to devotion and effort of farmers!

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18 tasting notes

Very very delicious, but very expensive. It carries a predominant vegital taste with a slight chocolaty (cacao) undertone. I love this tea more than most Greens, but I’m afraid its the only white tea I’ve owned/tasted.

If there is anyone out there, if anyone can hear me. I need recommendations on teas similar (or completely different), that are hopefully cheaper. I will repay you with my tea-llegiance, and a forever lasting Tea-lliance.

175 °F / 79 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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8 tasting notes

Gooooood Morninggggg Silver Needle. With a love like you in my life, I could not take another (which is how i rationalize my lacking a boyfriend).

Some people complain about silver needle’s plain taste. If you dont have any other teas to mix it with, I suggest simply adding some fresh mint, lemon and raw sugar. It makes for a still neutral, yet refreshing taste.


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14 tasting notes

A good organic tea, a good standby to have for a cold or the sniffels, I have also been told that it has helped people lose weight?!?!! cannot confirm that one but it dose taste very good!

165 °F / 73 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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4 tasting notes

I rarely steep this tea without adding the leaves to something else (which also means that I steep it for a shorter amount of time than if I was making it alone.).

Alone, the tea is so light, and I normally like something with a little more of a lift.

But I do add the leaves to nearly any other tea in order to get the health benefits. And of I’ve been known to add the leaves to my bath as well…

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

@Janefan Oh, this is going to be so dangerous for me……!!

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