China Green Tips

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Green Tea
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Grassy, Green, Wheat, Grass, Smooth, Broth, Toasted, Vegetal, Asparagus, Vegetable Broth
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180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec 13 oz / 378 ml

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  • “I’ve really been in the mood for vegetal (non smoky or metallic) greens lately. Colour me suprised! So when I ordered this at “coffee” with a friend the other day, I found this oddly satisfying....” Read full tasting note
  • “I had a meeting today in Starbucks (I love that there’s one just downstairs!) and wanted to get something from there since we were taking up their space. So, I went with China Green Tips. I can’t...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m still very new to teas, but after having a few of these leaf bags I have to say that the previous “tea dust” bags just don’t cut it anymore. I can safely say that I’m done with tea bag tea’s,...” Read full tasting note
  • “Backlog from earlier today/yesterday – I’ve drank it a lot lately. I spent this afternoon driving around the countryside, around Concord and Lexington – they’re full of old fields and historical...” Read full tasting note

From Tazo

Hand Picked in the misty mountains of Zhejiang Province in China, this tea embodies the classic flavor of a fine green tea.

China Green Tips is fresh and lively tea with a light, creamy, vegetative taste balanced with lingering sweet, smooth finish.

Flavor profile: “grassy, vegetative, sweet, ricey.”

Ingredients: Blend of Mao Feng green teas.

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108 Tasting Notes

1759 tasting notes

I’ve really been in the mood for vegetal (non smoky or metallic) greens lately. Colour me suprised!
So when I ordered this at “coffee” with a friend the other day, I found this oddly satisfying. Perhaps it was a better quality batch than the last one I had, as I don’t recall it tasting so fresh or intense.
Either way, this may just turn into my go to caffeinated beverage there, atleast until they bring in some Teavana products.
What a relief, considering I’ve been avoiding their standard black awake tea! Now I haven’t indulged for quite some time now, but I remember disliking it, which is a serious annoyance for me given that black tea with milk is what I crave most… even after all these years of being on Steepster! I mean, I assumed I would outgrow that preference, and yeah I sometimes drift away… and then always end up right back at it again. I suppose that’s partly why I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy a solid green. Well, that, and growing up, all I ever knew of green tea was Jasmine and Sencha, which I can’t stand… so when I discovered the Chinese side… I did a little happy dance.
Long story short? My tastes are evolving, again! Go figure.


this is a pretty nice tea for Tazo. :)


it really is! Tazo gets a bad rap but I think it’s better than most :)


I have heard so many people rag on this tea… how much do you want to bet they brew it in boiling water for like 5 minutes? I assume you brewed it as a green :)

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828 tasting notes

I had a meeting today in Starbucks (I love that there’s one just downstairs!) and wanted to get something from there since we were taking up their space. So, I went with China Green Tips. I can’t wait until my Starbucks gets the loose leaf bags: But I’m not sure how soon that will be. :/


The lattes that I have gotten (Earl Grey and Vanilla Rooibos) both had loose leaf tea bags in them. I had never gotten Tazo tea before so I just assumed that they always did whole leaf bags. Vanilla Rooibos=yummy and would be great just on it’s own not in a latte.


rabbysmom, those aren’t loose leaf bags in the lattes… they’re dust and fannings. Regular old teabags, at least at my Starbucks. I had the EG one not too long ago, and it was definitely a garden-variety teabag. The loose leaf bags are the new pyramid-style sachets, like Mighty Leaf, with whole leaves inside the bags.

Pretty cool news, though!


This is good to know for “emergencies” ;)


These were silky bags just like Mighty Leaf


Oooh! Then maybe your Starbucks got them in early? All I’ve ever gotten was a regular old teabag in my latte, unfortunately.


I was actually surprised when I looked at the tea bags:)


My Starbucks (across Winston-Salem, NC) have been using the pyramid ones in the 3 lattes for a while… but apparently Starbucks is replacing the tea bags for the non-latte teas as well… though I’ve yet to see any of those tea bags.


Aww, you guys are definitely super-lucky then. The one on 35th Street and Broadway in NYC is using classic teabags, string and all.

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7 tasting notes

I’m still very new to teas, but after having a few of these leaf bags I have to say that the previous “tea dust” bags just don’t cut it anymore. I can safely say that I’m done with tea bag tea’s, and moving to leaf teas full time. I’m also upping the rating I gave this tea the last time. I can actually taste and smell the difference in this tea vs a bag tea. So good!

3 min, 0 sec
RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Welcome to the world of full leaf teas free of dust and fanning. Now that you know what tea should taste like I am sure you will never go back. :-). Keep in mind there are some bag teas out there that are great but they are the quality teas that include full leaf teas and a large bag to allow the leaves enough room to unfurl. Enjoy this amazing journey of all things teas. It is fun and exciting.


Just wait til you ditch the bag:) I don’t care for this particular teas, but yes, full leaf sachets are a great option when you need a tea bag and can’t fill your own.

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323 tasting notes

Backlog from earlier today/yesterday – I’ve drank it a lot lately. I spent this afternoon driving around the countryside, around Concord and Lexington – they’re full of old fields and historical markers blocking off stone-walked pastures. I haven’t beet here in so long – used to go walk around the Old North Bridge all the time as a kid, but I never cared about the history then. (The first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired across the bridge.) I’m not huge on history, but it’s beautiful country – all green and clean-scented, narrow roads and old wooden fences and weathered houses sitting on hills overlooking rolling fields bounded by stone walls.

Tomorrow I’m going to go walk around, I think. I have four months off. Four months. And work is so tight on payroll that I’m hardly likely to get hours this summer. But. I have an empty sourcebook and a play to write. Although today I read about 60pg of the novel, pulled about four pages of quotes, and then just wrote for ten pages. I needed to. I’ve just been haunted by this image, this little scene that showed up in my head a couple days ago and won’t go away. So of course I write three sentences of that scene and go into the backstory forever. I haven’t been able to get rid of that moment. I haven’t been able to forget.


Why do you read these? I just ramble. On to the tea.

I’ve had this a few time sover the past few days. The first time I tried it, last year or something, I didn’t understand about green teas and oversleeping and all. So obviously I didn’t like it much, but I do now. Not sure exactly on the temp/time details – just steeped the cup at Starbucks until it tasted good, and then pulled out the pyramid bag. Maybe 2 minutes or so?

It’s light and clean and grassy. I think I definitely have a preference floor Chinese greens, because even when they’re vegetal like this, they don’t seem to venture into spinich/seaweed territory, like some of the Japanese ones do. Also, it’s a lot cheaper ($2.30) for a grande versus $4something for a latte… Although I do like lattes, and followed this with a caramel macchiato… It was a marathon writing session.

So now that I’ve talked for about a sentence about the tea, and six paragraphs about other stuff, feel free to unfollow me :)

150 tasting notes

I’m drinking Tazo China Green Tips because I don’t want to drink my good tea when I’m too sick to enjoy it. I keep this tea in house to make for my MIL when she pisses me off. Yup, I get passive aggressive with tea.

I mixed crystallized ginger and mulled mint into this tea and that helped the flavor a bit. This isn’t a terrible tea… but it’s not a great one either. Meeeh…

The Seattle Tea Snob

I can’t express how much I like the fact that your passive aggressive with your tea. :)


Ha! It makes me unreasonably happy to watch her suck down subpar tea :)

Ashley Bain

LOL. I love this.

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2036 tasting notes

Drinking the last of this tonight. It remains the best bagged straight green tea I’ve tried (whole leaf version). I don’t forsee buying more as I have discovered Chinese green loose leaf teas I prefer, but this is one of the better choices if one is in need of a bagged green tea. I don’t know whether it is available in whole leaf other than in Starbucks stores and I haven’t tried the non-whole leaf version.

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91 tasting notes

This is one of the teas that is provided in the break room at work. I usually stick with my own personal stash, but every now and then I feel like something different and will snag one of the tea bags that sounds interesting at the moment.

This morning, I remembered a conversation with a friend in the office about how much she has enjoyed the China Green Tips, so I thought this would be a good morning to give it a try.

I have to admit that I am a bit surprised at how decent this is. I wouldn’t call it a particularly high quality tea, but it doesn’t have some of those gross qualities that are so common of bagged teas, especially a green. It doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but more than I expected. It actually somehow reminds me of the Dragonwell from The Tea Spot more than anything else right now. Both just sort of seem good, but not something I’d go for if I’m in the mood for something more flavorful.

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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464 tasting notes

I like black teas better than black teas, but I was in the mood for a green tea this morning- probably because I had painted myself green to run as She-Hulk in a superhero 5k. Green was my mood.

This was a decent bagged green tea that I got at Starbucks. Has that seaweed taste that I find in most greens. It was also little bitter and dry, so not my favorite cup.

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865 tasting notes

UGH!!! After our 1st cantata performance yesterday I needed some green ginger tea to sooth my throat before the next one and luckily the the Starbucks location I frequent is on the way to the 2nd performance and the only one in the area that carries it. Well… til now. After my order was repeated back to me, I was informed it’s been discontinued. Instead of just driving off, I ordered this instead and was really disappointed. Quite bitter. I’m tempted to call and complain about both issues.

3 min, 0 sec
Rob Yaple

That is too bad to hear… I’ve never been a big fan of the Tazo Green Tips. I prefer the “Zen” but even that comes out bitter if the water is too hot :-/


Easter musical season … EXHAUSTING! Our church did (and is doing again this year) a Passion Play or musical and it was like a week of Marine boot camp! I’ve lost my chops—-used to be a decent alto, now I waver somewhere between tenor and a hurt hound dog.


gmathis, I’m a 1st soprano and I think I left my voice some place in the ceiling of St. Mark’s Lutheran church. My voice is fine actually, I just feel spacey for some reason.


Hmm… I’ve steeped this at home using the full leaf bagged version and it wasn’t bitter. Maybe 3 minutes is too long for it, I think I did about a minute and a half.


what was your water temp during boiling?


Morgana and Networld, as I said in the post I had this @ Starbucks, not at home, so I have no idea what the temp was. Networld, because it was at SBUX, what I do know is it wasn’t boiling (I don’t think they use boiling water for even their blacks)… but if it was, it would have been 212 degrees F. I have little experience w/ Chinese greens so I’m not sure if some of them require boiling water like some Japanese greens or not… since I don’t, I would have erred on the side of caution and not used boiling water anyway. I wish I had known the weight of the bags before steeping.


Ahh- missed the SB part- yea I"m 90% sure the water was way too hot- Chinese greens are still only 175 I think…certainty not near boiling! Wouldn’t it be neat if a place like SB eventually offered loose leaf teas.


Networld- it was full leaf in sachet (I think if done correctly and enjoyed it would have reinfused extremely well) so that’s just as good. When the quality is this good I just think of the sachet as the steeping vessel:)


Interesting! I’m gonna have to go check em out now- thanks for the heads up!

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788 tasting notes

Amount: 2 teabags
Additives: none
Water: 20 ounces from hot water spigot
Steep Time: a little over 10 minutes? time walking back from Starbucks
Served: Hot

Notes: It got over-brewed by time and temperature, unfortunately not much in my control. The tea flowed over my tongue and seemed to have a silky smooth affect and coating my tongue yet at the same time the flavor itself was unremarkable. I think with a honey I would have enjoyed it more, or maybe sugar. I also admit do not yet love a green tea, I drink them in hopes of finding one I love.

Smell: vegetal
Flavor: smooth, silky
Body: medium
Aftertaste: bitter
Liquor: honey colored, golden yellow-brown

Resteep: I tried for about 5? or more minutes with hot spigot water to resteep the bags (2 bags, 16 ounces) and it came out with little smell, medium body, same smooth flavor but much lighter flavor less silky, and still a bitter after-taste. I will conclude this does not resteep well.

8 min or more

Possibly use more leaf (bags) instead of a long steeping time?


1 teabag for a 12 ounce, 2 teabags for a 20 ounce, not sure what the 16 ounce gets


I wish i had my scale at work – the bags are pretty hefty and i don’t think the proportions are too badly off actually (assuming 1 teaspoon per 6 ounces) at least for the 12 ounce


I personally always get a tall double bagged. I don’t bother w/ the other sizes (except the iced venti) because the ratio of tea/water isn’t right for my tastes. Temp is a factor which you can’t control, but if you don’t have time to sit and watch the clock. Set the timer on your cell phone, watch, or pocket timer for 3-5 min as soon as they go in and then chuck them when the timer goes off.


I love my pocket scale. I take it w/ me everywhere I may need it.


i have a lovely pocket scale but i leave it at home with my IR thermometer as i have enough stuff on my desk at work / in my purse. i tried doing the cellphone timer thing but i bet you know how offices can get (the starbucks is down in the mall under my building so really no outside or handy trashcans) but the herbals bare up better to the treatment – i just am anxious to try all the new starbucks teas. I am thinking of buying them if i like them once my cupboard is less full (repeats mantra, no more teas we need room for food)

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