Maiden's Ecstasy

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  • “The dry leaves smell faintly sweet. The smell isn’t strong so I can’t really tell what kind of sweet. But it is pleasant. After a quick rinse, the leaves smelled like sweet tobacco. No fish...” Read full tasting note
  • “I am determined to make myself like this tea, because it’s not a bad tea. In fact, I can even say that it’s a good tea, and I just don’t ever want to drink it, for all that this contradiction is...” Read full tasting note
  • “I think by now that it’s official that I’m a fan of pu-erh. I find myself craving it a lot. The cooked version, at least! takgoti sent me this, and I’ve been waiting to try this one for a while,...” Read full tasting note
  • “Another tea from Samovar-pusher Takgoti. ;P So this is the first genuine pu-erh tea I’ve had the chance to try (Numi’s Chocolate Pu-erh was nice but not really the same thing) and I was really...” Read full tasting note

From Samovar

Origin: Yunnan, China

Flavor Profile: Very balanced, smooth, rich and dark, with a slightly sweet, wildflower honey finish. Deep, strong forward notes of earth and moss with a lingering raisin sugar sweetness.

Tea Story: Pure Pu-erh Ecstasy
This tender, young-leaf pu-erh is so good that it was traditionally used as part of the wedding dowry of the young women who picked it.

Unlike many of our other pu-erhs from Jingmai Mountain, this is vintage loose leaf.

You just can not go wrong when steeping up a bit of this tea in a yixing clay pot. Done right, it is delicious.

Like any good, ripe pu-erh, you won’t need to worry about over-steeping this tea: you can steep the leaves for an hour without yielding any sign of bitterness. Very forgiving.

Pamela, one of our regulars, swears that this tea has propelled her erotica writing to a new level. We swear it is just delicious.

Samovarian Poetry: Rapture & reverie. Consummately captivating, deep dark, sweet & smooth.

Food Pairing: Pair Maiden’s Ecstasy with anything rich, oily, or buttery. Just as perfect with Dim Sum as it is with quiche. An ideal after meal tea: the deep flavor compliments dark or milk chocolate, ice-cream (it’s true!), a stroopwaffle, any flavor of cheese cake. You will feel its digestive powers making your happy belly all the more happy.

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Samovar's is dedicated to preserving the simplicity and integrity of the tea traditions and inspiring people to practice peace through drinking tea.

90 Tasting Notes

911 tasting notes

The dry leaves smell faintly sweet. The smell isn’t strong so I can’t really tell what kind of sweet. But it is pleasant. After a quick rinse, the leaves smelled like sweet tobacco. No fish though so we’re good.

I love the color of tea juice pu-ehr seems to make. Such a delightful dark ruby. I want to like this type of tea simply for that reason. Still no fish so that’s good. Not as fragrant as the last (and only other) pu-ehr I’ve tried but sweet… I can see raisin and maybe fresh cut hay?

Taste wise, this is remarkably inoffensive. I had always heard things about pu-ehr’s taste and my try of the fish pu-ehr (okay, not REALLY fish) pretty much confirmed the horror stories. (Well, not about the nails and bird feathers and cigarette butts because it was loose). So I was preparing for something I’d have to learn to like or look at with a different mindset to enjoy. I was all prepared to tell myself “No no, dirt is a GOOD flavor”. But I find I don’t have to. This is good without having to add qualifiers or adjust my thinking.

Smooth, sweet (but not so much like there is sugar in it though there is maybe a hint of that on the tail), a little dark/wild tasting at the end… maybe hay, maybe fresh, healthy dirt (you know, the rich dark kind with earthworms – and I need to stop that train of thought before this becomes the earthworm tea to me… and it might be too late), maybe some kind of fruit glaze – rum raisin glaze or something. Can’t quite peg it.

I can see the similarities between this one and the fish one I had previous. The sweetness is very similar as is the general expansion of flavors as I sip on it. But this one is much milder and the flavors blend together a bit better without any fish taste so unlike the last one, I don’t have to have multiple steeps before I figure out if I like this. I do. It’s good. I’m not sure if I’m going to be driven to ordering it when I finally place my Samovar order, but I will enjoy this sample.

Thanks to takgoti for showing me pu-ehr doesn’t have to equal fish!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Great, next time I drink fish, I mean pu-erh, I’m going to be thinking of fish, dirt and earthworms. See you already had me thinking fish.


Hahah! This one wasn’t fishy though! That was all on ROT’s Imperial Republic Pu-ehr. Fish, baby, fish! Sweet glazed fish but totally fish.

Yeah, I’m afraid this one has been dubbed earthworm tea in my head now. Wish I hadn’t had that tangent. But the good news is, it doesn’t TASTE like earthworms. Just earthworm-filled healthy dirt. Which is making me sort of nostalgic since my dad used to raise earthworms when I was little. In his defense, he was a big fisher at the time and was (and still is) a big organic composting dude.

But it is a more fresh-hay-as-it-is-being-ripped-from-bales-and-fed-to-cows tasting tea. Which I would also say brings back fond childhood memories but I won’t since I think I’ve already established that I grew up as a bit of a hick.

Sorry, I’m done now.


Pu-erh has to be the weirdest tea I’ve ever had the chance to read about. Seriously. Not only stray body parts, but fish and earthworms and hay. I am intrigued, in a bizarre way.


Sigh. Once again I need to edit my comments. Apparently I am incapable of spelling pu-erh correctly. (I also have similar difficulty with Phoenix, just in case you were curious).


@teaplz: Was there any in the GM sampler? It’s definitely something different!


Hehe, maiden’s ecstasy make me think of damp forest. Pu-erhs are one of the only teas that I can reliably steep over and over. I let this one sit for minutes and minutes. They’re best when I drink them continuously over a long period of time. I get this lovely floaty feeling.


Pu-erh and Pu-erh Chai are in the GM Sampler. I am terrified of both of them.


Haha, just rip the bandaid! I havent tried the chai one yet. (Not a fan of chai, but I’ll probably drink a cup to try it out)


The pu-erh chai is really quite, quite good. Drink it with milk or cream and the muskiness of the pu-erh combines nicely with everything else.


All this talk about pu-erh and their mysterious taste, I really want to try one! But that involves buying more tea, and I’ve been put on probation from that. This is definitely going on the list of things to try soon.


I probably have some in my cupboard, I can send you some. I’ll either make that give away post tonight or tomorrow. So watch out for it!


One thing to consider about pu-erhs is that they are all different depending on how they were aged. From what I have read, the really bad tasting ones were aged wet and this gives them an unpleasant taste.

Oh Cha!

Alright you guys… I’m going to show you that pu-erh doesn’t have to be… fishy… or even tolerable for that matter… IT CAN BE ENJOYABLE. And possibly even some of the best tea you’ve ever had.

I have COMPLETELY geeked out of Rishi’s Pu-erh Blood Orange, and Pu-erh Vanilla Mint blends. I cannot stop drinking them. I brought both blends (my current obsession) to my family’s Turkey Day dinner back home on the farm… :) … and even those non-tea drinking hicks loved both teas. Then of course I had to sit through a few jokes about the word pu-erh… but I enjoyed the momentary sophistication…

I know you’re hesitant… but try it. Just try it. And let me know when you do. I look forward to your virtual hugs.

Rishi is my pu-erh go-to. They also have a Green Pu-erh Tuo Cha which is fabulous. It’s almost… cidery? It’s so good! But they’re out of stock currently, and it sounds like they will be for a while. (I asked.)


I have the Vanilla Mint one on my shopping list already – it sounds really good! And I love anything orange so I’ll look into the Blood Orange one, too. Thanks!


Thanks for the recs, Oh Cha! :D I think it should be interesting when I taste it for the first time.

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158 tasting notes

I am determined to make myself like this tea, because it’s not a bad tea. In fact, I can even say that it’s a good tea, and I just don’t ever want to drink it, for all that this contradiction is utter nonsense.

I’ve seen the information shared around steepster (by Ricky via someone else, I believe) about doing much shorter infusion times, and I will fall back on that if I have to…but I also saw something somewhere about Takgoti recommending to someone else that they steep longer to bring out the sweet part of this tea, so that’s kind of my plan today. Fact: I am scared.

There is just no reason for me to NOT like it, though. Nothing about it is bad. If I were asked to cite the reasons for finding it overwhelming, I would be unable to. It is tea.

It’s not even like it’s a strong liquor and likely to light up my nasal passages. So, wtf?

I completely refuse to be beaten by this tea. If I were able to point to anything about it and say this is what I don’t like, I would be content to let it go…but I can’t. I even find the smells and flavors interesting. So why do I not want to consume them?

The lack of logic there is vaguely offensive, somehow.

I will cultivate a taste for pu-erh if it kills me.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

HAHAHA. Oh, Sophistre. I do love your logs.

One of the best ways to enjoy pu-erh is to just keep steeping it, I think. Honest. Somewhere around steep 3 or 4, if I drink it consistently without significant breaks, I start feeling pretty amazing.


See it’s weird… Samovar’s instructions tell you to do 2-5 minutes steep time… Now should I follow the standard 15 second rule or do a long steep?


Clearly I’ll be ignoring Samovar’s steeping suggestions. Short steepings w/ a lot of leaves are the only way I can drink unflavored cooked pu erhs. And even then they are not my favorite.


@Ricky Eh, I enjoy it with a longer steep time. I think 15 seconds would be too weak for me, but it’s your tea. Do with it what you will.


With Samovar, I think it needs more than 15 seconds. I think it really depends on the type of tea.


Ricky, I think it depends on how much leaf you use as well. 1g/oz of water is a lot so I like 20 sec steeps. Well I can drink them. They are good for what they are. I’m a raw or flavored pu erh woman:)


Hahha, yes that as well =P

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187 tasting notes

I think by now that it’s official that I’m a fan of pu-erh. I find myself craving it a lot. The cooked version, at least!

takgoti sent me this, and I’ve been waiting to try this one for a while, since it’s supposed to be a really good one. I have to admit, the name really makes me giggle. It’s sounds like Victorian pornography.

But actually, the smell was a bit of a turn-off. For some reason, I was getting a bit of a smell of fishiness off my sample. Nothing strong, and the main smells were earth and super-dark sweet (think molasses), but it was kind of there.

Anyway, so I gave the super-dark-chocolate leaves a rinse with boiling water before allowing them to steep. I guess I should mention that the rinse water, upon dumping, already smelled pretty pu-erh delicious!

I love steeping pu-erh, just because its color is so dramatic. On the pour, it’s such a brown-black, practically opaque brew. Thankfully, the smell coming off the wet leaves and the cup was nothing fishy. Instead, there’s a deep earth smell, a fairly smoky smell (more gunpowder smoke than lapsang? It doesn’t really have a savory quality…), and a hard-to-detect sweetness. It’s very akin to other pu-erhs I’ve tasted.

The taste here is a lot smoother and light and refined than I was expecting! The only other plain pu-erh I’ve had is Golden Moon’s, which has a bit more body and intense flavor. Then again, it could be because of my lower steep time for this puppy. There’s a really nice earthy edge, mixed with a sort of smokey goodness. Pu-erh doesn’t really taste like dirt to me. It’s more soil-like. That smell of fresh-tilled soil in the sun. This develops into a subtle sweet note. It’s not overbearing or cloying or false. Maybe a bit raisin-like? It’s almost fruity. But a dark fruit. A fruit that I don’t think exists. The aftertaste is very autumnal. Wet leaves on a rainy day.

From the wet leaves, and sometimes from the taste, I’m getting this almost bake-y quality. I’m picturing something like a molasses bread. Even though I’m not quite sure if that even exists. I’m only getting it on a few sips, but when it happens, it’s unusual enough to take note. The complexity of this beastie is pretty amazing.

I’m hoping that subsequent steeps of this one are great, because so far so good!

So, the Second Steep (4:00, boiling) was a bit thinner than the first, but a lot of the earthy and smoky complexities were still present. Still very nice, indeed. The infusion was a bit lighter than the first, but it had the smell of a typical pu-erh. Which I take to be a good sign, since once the liquid doesn’t smell like it’s supposed to anymore, then it’s done.

The Third Steep (4:00, boiling) is even lighter than the second. We’re approaching something that looks more akin to black tea than to coffee! The smell is still soil-rich, but now the taste has evolved significantly. The smoke and earth elements have taken a back seat to the sweetness, which has evolved into a raisin taste, perhaps dusted with a bit of brown sugar. I can’t get out of this molasses theme. Let’s see how long this baby can go on! I should note that this might be the best resteep I’ve had thus far in my tea adventures.

It’s time for the Fourth Steep! (5:00, boiling) My wet leaves smelled a bit sweeter now, and but the infusion still smells like good-old pu-erh. The color of it is definitely akin to a black tea although something about the under-tint is off. A little purple, maybe? Whatever. Anyway, the taste on the first sip was kind of… WEIRD. Like charcoal, followed by intense sweetness. Serious sweetness. Sweet like white tea or green tea sweet. Well, actually it’s a bit muskier than that, but it’s lingering on my tongue in a similar way.

Now, here’s where it gets really weird. As it cooled, it started to have this kind of rotten taste to it. Really, really off-putting and very off. Like ripe garbage. Or like really, really over-ripe and blackened fruit. Not cool. Really, really gross, actually. Not cool at ALL. So I had to dump the cup, and I’m dumping the leaves as well. I also can’t get the sweet flavor out of my mouth. Maybe the leaves picked up a smell or something? Or a taste? But it’s seriously one disgusting flavor.

Yeah, no. Dumping the leaves. But at least the first three infusions were pretty good!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I have yet to try anything from Samovar.:( I’m not a fan of cooked pu erh, but I’m definitely giving this one a shot.


This sounds like a very interesting taste experience. You’ve motivated me to try my pu’erh again tonight!


I think Soil-like (instead of dirt-like) is the perfect way to describe this. Makes total sense!


Cofftea, Samovar is pretty much amazing, and I haven’t tried raw pu-erh, so I can’t really make the distinction.

Laura, I hope it goes better for you! I think pu-erh can be an acquired taste, definitely. I tend to really like earthy things (mushrooms are one of my favorite foods, ever), so it clicks with me. I definitely want to see what happens when you have it later!

Auggy, soil sounds so much more refined, you know? :D


Whee! How many steeps deep did you go?


Just finished the second steep, and while it was a bit more delicate than the first, a lot of the flavors were still there! :D I think I’m going to keep going. How far have you gone?


Twelve. Seriously. Might have been able to go longer, being honest, but I wanted something different after twelve and I was having to let it sit for longer than I was patient. I pretty much drank it all day.


I seem to recall reading that this one is a good introduction to pu-erh (at least I think it was this one, and since I’m pre-matcha and just woken up at this point I think I’m going to be too lazy to double-check). I’ve got another Samovar order brewing, so maybe this would be a good addition.


Hot damn. Twelve?! Wooooow. I’m drinking infusion 3 right now and it tastes like raisins. Maybe with a bit of brown sugar. Mmm. This one is sustaining very nicely.

And sophistre, I think I read that somewhere too? I think it’d be a good one to start with, since I find it a bit lighter in taste than some other pu-erh. The complexity is there, but it tastes a bit accessible. I really liked Golden Moon’s as well, which I think was a bit stronger than this.


WHAT THE HELL. Fourth steep was gross. Seriously. Ugh and ew.


@sophistre Yes, I’d call it a good starter pu-erh for sure.

@teaplz Curious. How’d you steep it?


@teaplz Scratch that, I just saw that you updated the log. Going to read.


Huh. I can’t say I’ve ever had that happen to me, but YIKES for you. That sounds unpleasant. I hope you found something else to get the taste out of your mouth!


Ditto, I’ve never gotten to the point where it smelt that bad. For me it just got thinner and thinner until I just wanted a change or it was the end of the day anyway. Odd.

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1908 tasting notes

Another tea from Samovar-pusher Takgoti. ;P

So this is the first genuine pu-erh tea I’ve had the chance to try (Numi’s Chocolate Pu-erh was nice but not really the same thing) and I was really excited about it. I heated the mug and I gave the leaves a rinse with boiling water before steeping it. At first it smelled like fish, and not fresh fish either, but several weeks old rotting fish. Yeah, ew. Thankfully as the tea steeped the scent slowly changed to something earthy-smelling.

The taste is quite earthy too, but not like just regular dirt – it’s a rich, loamy dirt full of decaying plant matter…I made it sound gross didn’t I? Sorry, it’s the ecology student in me talking. It’s a powerfully strong, ‘dark’ tea that I find I can’t drink quickly, but small sips seem to work – problem is, it’s getting cold. I am noticing that as the tea cools a bit of a sweetness creeps in aswell.

This is a fascinating tea and I’m glad I got the chance to try it. Do I like it? I’m not sure to be honest. I think pu-erh might be an acquired taste, though I’ll certainly strive to acquire it! ;)

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Ha, she is such a pusher, isn’t she!


Hahaha! I do think that straight pu-erh does require some acquisition of taste. I do think that it’s also one of those things that not everyone will like, but it sounds like it could be something you might.

Is it wrong that your “rich, loamy” dirt description actually sounded appealing to me?

And I might add at this point, missy, that the Samovar teas I sent to you were ones that you requested!


Oh definitely, and I’m not regretting asking for them. And while I’m not raving over all of them, there’s not a bad tea in the bunch. :)


Whee! I’ll take it!

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412 tasting notes

Today felt like a pu-erh day; I’ve had a few more since the last time I drank this one, so I’m appreciating the strength of flavor a bit more. This is smooth, and sweet, and rich, and goes really well with the chocolate bar I’m currently nibbling on. We’ll see later how it tastes with leftover curry – I’m optimistic. Definitely bumping the rating, but keep in mind that that’s relative only to other pu-erhs

ETA: I’m on steep 4 or 5 and going strong; it did indeed taste good with a curry :) and is as forgiving of steep times as any puerh. I’ve tried everything from 1 to 10 minutes today with little variation in flavor.

Boiling 1 min, 15 sec

All these pu erh reviews today- YAY!


Clearly it’s not just me who thinks its a pu erh day :)

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807 tasting notes

Full review tomorrow on but here are my snippets:

With a creamy, heavy mouthfeel, this tea has notes of german rock sugar, brown sugar, raisins, tree bark, oak moss, and so much more. Sometimes you will taste a more woodsy note, while other times you get a taste of chocolate, and other times a savory note of mushroom!

There is something otherworldly about this tea. It is the kind of tea I like to drink while watching a movie such as Avatar, or The Never Ending Story. I would take this and drink it at the Renaissance Festival every year if I could find a way to keep steeping it! It makes me feel like jumping from toadstool to tree trunk and swinging from branches of friendly tress and cavorting with gnomes but beware of the trolls because this tea does have a sparky, spicy kick to it at times as well! Its not dangerous though, it won’t burn your tongue at all, its just a little spark of playful now and then in the middle of an otherwise dreamy cup.

It does evoke thoughts of sipping on a very luxurious espresso, a good one though, one you could probably only find at one of those quaint cafes in Italy, as you sit writing in your dairy at a white linen clothed table, dreaming of a romantic interlude. Flavors of molasses peek through resembling the sweet desires playing out in your mind as you gaze into nothingness, while someone, sitting at a table not too far away can see everything emoting through your eyes.




sounds like I need to try this!


I can almost taste it!

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259 tasting notes

Thank you so much to LORI for sending me a sample of this tea. I can understand why many drinkers rave about it and I can also understand the audacity of the name “ecstasy”. The flavors are very complex and in some ways contradictory:

The aroma and taste remind me of an exotic market where one is besieged by a plethora of odor. The fish stand abuts the chocolate-covered fruits and the artisanal breads are next to a display of dripping honey. The garden soil is adjacent to the herbs and spices. It’s a mélange, and a very good one at that. I would say that the “earthy” aroma and taste predominate over the others. I could close my eyes and be carried away to the exotic bazaar of world flavours and foods.

I’m looking forward to multiple steepings.


Fish?? Oh dear…


Just a little bit in a way that I like—-a sort of salty, organic way. Perhaps I should have said the sea instead of “fish”. A lot of Japanese teas seem to be raised alongside nori or kelp. Please don’t be put off!


A quick hot first steep, disposed, will eliminate the fishy quality. I say this with authority only insofar as this particular pu-erh goes, because it was the one recommended to me as a way to acclimate to the type of tea. For me the mental hurdle was to stop thinking ‘mushrooms cooked in honey’ and start thinking ‘this is a very dark yunnan tea’.

I have no explanation for that, since I like both mushrooms and honey…but the earthiness was off-putting.

I drink this fairly often, now…and I like the market metaphor a lot.


I think, after my second steep, that this is a tea worth investing in a full canister. It passes a couple of tests for me: I don’t know of any other tea quite like it and I really like this and want to have it around. I’m quite impressed with the Samovar teas that I’ve had so far.


I have to admit Doulton – I haven’t tried this one yet but plan to do so tomorrow… I am glad that you liked it!

In regards to the steeping, the Samovar tin recommended Sophistre’s method- about discarding the first steep of water….I may/may not have scribbled that on the label…


@Shanti: For me, the description of “fish” in a tasting, usually means “brine-y” or like ocean salt water. At least to me, pu-erh is like that. :)

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2036 tasting notes

In my book, anything with the name ecstasy in it can either be discounted immediately as puffery or has a very high level of living up to do. Ecstasy is, after all, not just a run of the mill, mild feeling. It’s sheer rapture.

The fact that I have had a four for four success rate with my Samovar samples thus far (I am intending to order more of all of the ones I’ve tried, something unsurpassed in my admittedly limited experience) left me doubtful this name could be discounted fully, so I had very high hopes for this one. And I haven’t been disappointed. Though I wouldn’t go so far as to state that drinking this left me ecstatic (wouldn’t that be cool, though? maybe one day I’ll find a tea that really does leave me ecstatic and then I’ll know all the secrets of the universe and more), I can say that I’m now five for five.

My only pu erh experience before this has been the Numi bags. They’ve all been varying degrees of enjoyable with the chocolate out in front. But because they’re bags, there’s a visual component to the experience that is missing. I’m finding more and more that I really enjoy examining the dry leaves of the tea I’m about to drink, and watching how they change after they’ve had their steep.

The Maiden’s Ecstasy leaves are brownish green, dark and pretty. A little on the small side, and not overly curly. Dry, they smelled to me as they smelled to Auggy after rinsing — like sweet tobacco, right from the pouch, with notes of leather and earth.

After rinsing, the leather aroma came to the fore. This, I think, is what I smell where others might smell fish. There is something slightly fishy, but not in an unpleasant way, about the smell of certain kinds of warm, pliant leather. I’ve had belts and shoes that have had a fishy note to them that body heat brings out and I know I’ve smelled this in horse saddles. It’s not always the case, but common enough. The smell of this steep makes me think of a new, buttery smooth, black leather English saddle.

My first steep at 2 minutes delivered a beautiful mahogany colored liquor.

The taste. It has that Samovar thing going on for me, an almost preternatural smoothness that makes their teas taste like velvet feels. I love that. To me, it is the difference between something that is nice and well made, like a shoe or a car, that you wouldn’t mind having, and the same thing delivered by a luxury brand. There’s a little luxury in every sip.

Within the smoothness, there is also a flavor that verges on leather — but is kept from being a stark leather flavor by its sweetness. I’m not getting raisin here, but perhaps a pre-raisin (i.e., grape) fermented sweetness, as though the tiniest drop of a fine port has been dropped into the tea.

The second steep at 2:30 yielded a similar flavor. The nose became more sugary, more carmelized.

OK. I’m about ready for my third steep and I am going to stop now and just go enjoy this for a while. I want to sit with it and see how it changes. I have all kinds of time for this tea.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

If you liked this one you’ll probably love Palace Pu-erh!


I am looking forward to trying that one. Maybe Friday, next work at home day.

As I drink more of these I expect I will end up recalibrating my ratings on them…

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248 tasting notes

Brewing a darker tea from my collection to get ready for my last final! Maiden’s Ecstasy is the first puerh I’ve ever bought but my stash is running low and I’m looking into trying out other puerhs. Any suggestions?


I haven’t really had any pu-erh that I’ve truly liked outside of Samovar’s [just being honest]. If you haven’t tried their Palace pu-erh I like that one a lot, though it is a little bit more on the expensive side.

In any case, I hope your finals went well! I know it feels beyond fantastic to be done with mine!


Look for pu erh encased in some form of citrus…manderine, tangerine…yum!

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411 tasting notes

Not a bad pu-erh. However, I just gotta say that for the periods of my life where I qualified as a maiden, I doubt my ecstasy was much like this.

Warm, dark, earthy, and not fishtank-y. (Always a bonus). I am not getting the sweet that others are, but I’m enjoying my cup.

The depth of the color on this one is amazingly dark and wonderful.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

ROFL @ “I just gotta say that for the periods of my life where I qualified as a maiden, I doubt my ecstasy was much like this.” Brilliant!!!!!


There was more than one? Lol!

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