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185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 7 OZ / 207 ML

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drank Peppermint Bark by 52teas
27 tasting notes

I bought this because Peppermint Bark is my most favorite thing during the holidays and I absolutely do not allow it in the house when the holidays are over.

The aroma out of the bag is amazing, extremely reminiscent of the tasty treat. Brewed this in a medium glass teapot at 210oF for 2 minutes.
It tastes faintly of chocolate, minty and clean black tea. What I mean by clean is that the black tea itself is not malty or overly strong. Its tremendously good. You get the peppermint bark as an aroma and a minty clean black tea taste at the same time.

For those who plan on making this into a tea latte, I gave it a whirl: sugar and vigorously shaken warmed almond milk where added, and its extremely delicious. Much like a watered down minty hot choco/tea. Served to guests with some chocolate sprinkles on top and it would be a hit.

The second infusion was very light in color compared to the first, I let it sit a bit longer. The taste is still there but the chocolate aroma is gone.

This will not be a regular drink of mine expect when I have a sweet tooth that needs quelling, but I absolutely will add this to my re-order list over at 52 Teas.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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Tasty, got this out at Barnes and Nobel when I needed a tea fix! The coconut is strong, not artificially tasting and I do get a vanilla after taste. Not sure on the ginger part myself, I don’t pick up any or I’m Losing it searching for the green tea itself. I made a second infusion and it held up nicely, you definitely taste the ginger the second time around
Will buy again!

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Oooh yum yum yum, this is a wonderful sencha. It’s very savory and light/refreshing at the same time. It’s astringency is right on, enough to have that refreshing bite and remind you it’s tea and not some sort of magic butter grass water.. Okay but in all seriousness this is a wonderful green tea. I would not tire of this easily.
I also love the little pamphlets of info that game with the Dens tea sampler, I lowered the temp of my water before brewing to 160 very easily. First infusion, 169 for 45’ second infusion was 180 for 29 second. The second infusions color was soo vibrant, very pretty.
I will be buying this with that tea pot I’ve been eyeing.

160 °F / 71 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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drank KaiMatcha Premium by KaiMatcha
27 tasting notes

I wish I had liked this more, given the reviews it had as I ordered it. Now, do not get me wrong it is a very tasty matcha indeed, but it is also not the best for my taste in this price range. I made it on two separate occasions to ensure my opinions.

This matcha is very smooth, buttery and not chalky at all in texture, and does not require re mixing. People who like their matcha more on the buttery side and less vegetal, will love this, it’s like Pure but if my taste buds are recalling correctly, this matcha has more depth in taste complexity than pure but less strength. It has a nice astringency to it, a little too astringent for matcha for me, but not at all bitter. I also don’t think it froths up well in comparison. My biggest complaint came in the after taste department, it’s astringent for matcha, and lacking of that wonderful lingering slight cocoa taste you can get with premium matchas.

I happened to buy an additional tin of this to send to my mother who has expressing interest in matcha tea! It will be interesting to see what she will think of it as it will be her first matcha ever.

Current winner for me is still Aiya, and my next purchase to try will be ocha! Love me some matcha :)


ooooh, interested to know how they compare!

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drank Ceremonial Matcha by Aiya
27 tasting notes

I should probably start of by saying Matcha is my favorite tea, followed by oolongs and various blacks. Shortly after I found matcha, I began a search for the best ~$30 tin I could find. I have a bowl or two a day, so this task has taken a bit of time, as I finish a tin before I order another.
I have had Domatcha and Pure comparative grade matchas in addition to this. ( long way to go, I know ;) )

The tea:
Sifted and whisked at 175, it doesn’t froth for me much differently than the rest, good amount of small bubbles to cover the surface of the bowl. I do keep it in the fridge and I understand this lessens frothy-ness.
It tastes wonderfully of vegetal, grassy, underlying buttery and most importantly fresh. I find it to taste a lot like domatcha, and similar in color. It stays together and does not require re-whisking or have any chalky texture.
I love this matcha, it’s tasty, more vegetal than buttery but not unpleasantly strong. If I could afford it, an everyday drink for sure, and my current matcha winner!

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I’ve dried two different matches of this grade, pure and this one. They are very different. We’re pure is more buttery, domatcha is more grassy. Domatcha froths up very well considering that I keep it in the fridge. I love the smell and taste of this tea, and I mean love. The fact that it’s easier to find, aka do not have to order online, helps, but the tea itself I like better. It has a wonderful green color, and a very earthy, elemental, almost velvety texture and weight. The taste is grassy, a little bit buttery, and fresh.
Up next I’m trying aiyas matcha, will be buying ths tea again and again.

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This was the first white tea I’ve had that I actually went for a second infusion. It has a warm hay/dried grain aroma and flavor in lighter quality, floral notes are strong and tend to linger.
I brewed this as directed, but ended up liking the 1 min brew more than the 2, personally finding the subtle gentle flavors more appealing than a bolder brew.
The leaves are very pretty, fuzzy frost blue spears, very little dust at the bottom of my cup :) if I were to serve this for guests I would be pairing it with a little bite that had a floral component, like a lavender-salt goat cheese spread with a nutty/multi grain cracker, or something similar.

165 °F / 73 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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This tea has a aroma that really brings me to some wonderful morning memory, I just can’t seem to put my finger on what it’s reminding of, it’s almost like the smell of the hull of the toasted peanut. It has a great roasted rich burnt coffee aroma and taste, but the most unexpected sweetness that kind of tingles a little in your mouth and lingers long with the after taste. The first infusion was much more complex than the proceeding but it keeps it’s originality throughout.

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Striking aroma from the leaves after first brewed, so sweet! Its very true to its name, wonderful honey floral taste almost like a honeysuckle, just a little hint of oxidation, smooth with a good heaviness on the tongue due to the astringency. I got to sample this with BTVSgal and was very sad upon learning it’s no longer for sale.

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My all time favorite teas are oolongs and greens :) but I’ll try anything to be fair.


Dallas, Tx

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