My first rooibos tea, and it was an okay experience. I received this free sample from Republic of Tea with their latest catalog. I was having a nice wedge of leftover apple pie from Thanksgiving, and I figured that the Cinnamon/Vanilla flavor profile would suit the apple pie’s flavor.

Once brewed, this one smelled a bit like potpourri. Not bad potpourri, just like something that I wouldn’t normally associate with drinking. The rooibos drippings were a dark red in color. Almost scarlet. Very pretty and very festive. The smell was earthy, and a bit medicinal, but in a feel-good kind of way.

The first sip was kind of bland, and a bit floral. The cinnamon and vanilla didn’t really come across strongly – I think the cinnamon was part of the aftertaste, and the vanilla just a hint of sweetness. I’ve been having a really bad time with vanilla teas, and I’ve yet to try a loose leaf one. I can’t stand the taste of artificial vanilla. Or the smell of it. Since I couldn’t really get a grasp on the vanilla here at all, this is inconsequential.

I’m not really sure what rooibos tastes like. So I can’t tell you if it was a dominant flavor profile, or what it was that was added to the mix. The entire thing was fairly sweet, and I’m standing by the potpourri flavorings.

A resounding “meh” from me.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

I just got this yesterday with my catalog! Now I am less excited for it. JKs

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I just got this yesterday with my catalog! Now I am less excited for it. JKs

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28-year-old NYC girl just starting out on her tea adventures! I used to hate tea. If you asked me a few years ago what I thought of tea, I’d tell you it tasted like hot, dirty dishwater. Not anymore! I acquired a taste for tea when I started drinking peppermint tea for my upset stomach problems. From there I graduated to teas like chamomile and Lipton. But Lipton wasn’t strong enough!

I’m getting the hang of this loose leaf thing. Black’s my default, but I’ve found that I really love teas that fall into every category. I’m a purist – I always drink my tea neat. I prefer unflavored tea over flavored tea, and really dislike anything flavored with artificial-tasting substances. I’ve grown up a bit in my tea drinking, and I find that novelty appeals to me less and less.

I also am the happy wife of the boy that created the tea randomizer, which can be found here: http://www.jaydeee.net/pickatea.php


New York City

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