Teas from Bang Dong have very recently gotten a lot more expensive. I threw this sample in my checkout basket while revisiting Puerhshop’s offerings. I had no idea what to expect since their Band Dong sheng pu’er offering is almost half the price of other vendors. Dry leaves are tippy, thin silver and dark grey tendrils with a subtle floral scent. Hydrated leaves are intact, delicate-looking, and a lighter olive green. It’s highly fragrant…in a vegetal and medicinal kind of way. The brew has a vibrant golden hue.

It’s pungent in both flavor and qi. It has decent mouthfeel, good energy, and strong huigan. However, it isn’t as subtle or deep as the 2015 version from Yunnan Sourcing. Tasting notes include honeysuckle, steamed asparagus, raw almonds, honey, stewed edamame, and stir-fried mustard greens. This might be too vegetal for some.

Admittedly, this experience was unexpected as a low-priced tea from this vendor. The tea is consistently full-bodied, potent, very flavorful, and imparts a spicy/numbing feeling that covers my entire tongue for 12+ steeps.

This is one of those teas where the spent leaves are too pretty to toss right away.

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Tea, cooking, hiking, plants, East Asian ceramics, fine art, Chinese and Central Asian history, environmental sustainability, traveling, foreign languages, meditation, health, animals, spirituality and philosophy.

I drink:
young sheng pu’er
green tea
roasted oolongs
aged sheng pu’er
shu pu’er
herbal teas (not sweetened)


Personal brewing methods:

Use good mineral water – Filter DC’s poor-quality water, then boil it using maifan stones to reintroduce minerals。 Leaf to water ratios (depends on the tea)
- pu’er: 5-7 g for 100 ml
(I usually a gaiwan for very young sheng.)
- green tea: 2-4 g for 100 ml
- oolong: 5-7 g for 100 ml
- white tea: 2-4 g for 100 ml
- heicha: 5-6 g for 100 ml
(I occasionally boil fu cha a over stovetop for a very rich and comforting brew.)


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