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Photo submitted by ms.aineecbeland
Photo submitted by ms.aineecbeland

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Sweetgrass Herbals in Sterling, MA
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Sweetgrass Herbals
19 Johnson Road
Sterling, MA 01564
(413) 668-4257
Email: [email protected]

**A review of Sweetgrass Herbals:
Sweetgrass Herbals is dedicated to renewing the sacred, life-giving connection between plants and people and facilitating the opportunities for healing that are all around us.

Emily French, founder of Sweetgrass Herbals, is a clinical herbalist who weaves together the threads of Chinese herbal medicine, indigenous First Nations herbal knowledge and traditional Western herbalism to create custom protocols that address both symptomatology and the root causes of discomfort and disease.

I visited with this herbalist in order to obtain my CSA spring share of products. I find Ms. Emily French to be very nice and a wonderfully gifted young person. She seems knowledgeable and most willing to help those of us ignorant to the ways of the natural world. She appears very young but is most expertise and experienced in her field. At least this is the view point of this blogger.

I was most pleased with the CSA share that was given me; as it contained several teas, tinctures, balms and salves. Ms. French provided as well plants for planting and several herbs to cook with. I must say that I went home with quite a bunch full of lovely things.