The Boston Tea Stop Edit

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Type Cafe
Style Asian
Serves Bubble, Iced
Food Snacks, Pastries
Features Free wi-fi
Mon Sat 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM 5:00 PM

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Photo submitted by ms.aineecbeland
Photo submitted by ms.aineecbeland
Photo submitted by ms.aineecbeland
  • 54 JFK Street
  • Cambridge, MA
  • (617) 945-0017

1 Review

The Boston Tea Stop in Cambridge, MA
ms.aineecbeland rated this place
and said Edit

The Boston Tea Stop
54 JFK St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Neighborhood: Harvard Square
617) 945-0017

Tea shop is small and cozy…making it a place to stop in for smoothie bubble tea and play a video game or talk with friends or watch the big screen television on corner wall. Or simply purchase your milk, smoothie, black tea, honey bubble tea and take it with you for your jaunts in the square.

The service is very efficient; you place order and pay for it and by the time you are seated your order is ready and it is so very good.

Thank you for the experience.