St. Louis Bubble Tea Edit

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Type Restaurant
Style Asian
Serves Bubble
Food Snacks

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St. Louis Bubble Tea in St. Louis , Missouri
Azzrian rated this place
and said Edit

I will add photos later when I have more time but every time we go to St. Louis we hit this place! Great bubble tea – boba always is perfect, more flavors than I can even begin to mention! They have regular bubble tea, cream tea, snow tea, hot teas, juice, etc and so on. Great menu of Asian foods from Pot Stickers to egg rolls, soups, I mean really this place is THE place in St. Louis for fast, friendly, and INEXPENSIVE bubble tea and great food!

The decor is not too elaborate but there is a fun mural on one wall, I have a photo of that I will add later.

The staff seem to really know what they are doing and on some tea items you can try samples if they have them ready.

Love this place. Located in “The Loop” area which is a great place to go anyway.