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Teavana Phipps Plaza Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Serves Loose-leaf

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1 Review

Teavana Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia
momo rated this place
and said Edit

This is the only Teavana I can put up with. On Yelp, I gave them 4 stars in 2010, and I still feel like they deserve 4. Meanwhile, the store across the street in Lenox Square I only gave 2 to…so yeah.

Benefits to coming here: For now, until Legoland opens, this mall is pretty quiet. I think the obvious high end nature of the mall makes this Teavana a lot nicer to be in than the one at Lenox. There’s a pretty good chance that while here you’re gonna be the only customer in the whole store and they are cool enough to give you your space.

I have never really felt pushed by a salesperson here at all. I had one try to upsell me on a warmer stand for the teapot I was buying, and that was obnoxious but she took no for what it actually is, no.

They had no problem splitting up what I was buying that time into two transactions, since the teapot was being bought by my parents for my birthday, and I was buying a cup and some tea for myself.

I really like that the sales associate went over all the brewing details for my teapot, like the size and how much tea to use, and omg they were even personable because I was holding a box of cupcakes!

So when I came in here to take advantage of whatever was left from the sale, an associate approached me but I said I found what I was looking for and he left me alone. Like he went straight to the register to wait for me. I wanted to hug him. When I bought a tin of tea on sale, he did not suggest something 4x the price from the wall *cough*Lenox*cough.

Anytime I want something from Teavana, I am coming here.