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Samovar - Online Edit

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Serves Chai, Loose-leaf

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Samovar - Online in San Francisco, California
CHAroma rated this place
and said Edit

Samovar offers very high quality teas at somewhat high prices. But the money you spend is not wasted.

They have some of the more professional packaging I’ve seen. I think it was the descriptions on the packages that I was so impressed with. It was quirky, inventive, and fun. Not your standard, “This tea tastes like ______.” They also gave very detailed steeping instructions, which is always a pro.

I’ve been a little disappointed with their ability to keep the teas stocked though. There are some teas I really wanted to try sample sizes of that I had to wait literally months for. And of course by the time it came out, I had already purchased the other teas I wanted. So, it’s not worth the shipping cost to buy one small sample.

Then another time, there was a tea I knew I wanted to buy in bulk that had completely disappeared from the website! If it’s out of stock, I’d rather see that written next to it. If it’s nowhere to be found, I can’t tell if they’ve decided to stop carrying it entirely or if it’s just out of stock for the time being (which, again, could be months).

For this reason and their steep prices, I’m a little less impressed with Samovar. But almost every tea I’ve tried has been scrumptious!