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Camellia Sinensis - online in Montréal, QC
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I’ve ordered lots of tea from this company, and each time the product arrives in good condition to my home. Living in Ontario, the wait from placing an order to receiving it is fairly average, so probably about a week or less. The one time I ordered a yixing teapot, it was very carefully packaged. (edit1: I also ordered a purion teapot, which was also arrived safely and was carefully packaged) I’ve never had to return tea or teaware for any reason.

The few times I have sent email to get more information, I’ve gotten replies very quickly. So if you have a question about a certain tea or teaware, feel free to ask them for more info.

And the tea itself, well just look at their online catalogue, it’s huge! They specialize in unflavoured teas, so if you are a fan of high quality tea or are looking to get into “plain tea” you won’t be disappointed.