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Type Tea Shop
Style Modern
Serves Chai, Loose-leaf

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Photo submitted by Daisy Chubb

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Tealish [Online] in Toronto, ON
Daisy Chubb rated this place
and said Edit

I had a great experience with this Canadian company online.

I ordered from Saskatchewan – they are located in Ontario. The order was processed the same day and I received it less than a week later. Great online deals (I got 25 % off and free shipping for ordering over $50), which leaves me will over 10 50g bags of tea. Amazing deal!

The emails are concise and you can see when your order has Shipped. I was quite surprised, they packaged my tea so economically that it actually fit into my Apt mailbox! That meant no half hour trip to the Post!

My only “complaint”, which isn’t one, is that my bag of Fairy Dust was so tightly packed that a tiny bit came out and was loose in the bag. But I’m talking less than a teaspoon of tea here, and I am not bothered by this sort of thing. In the least. So! I was very impressed. There was also a hand written note wishing me Happy Holidays, and that is awesome.

Thanks Tealish!