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Type Tea Shop
Serves Loose-leaf

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The Tea Brewery in Halifax, NS
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I’ve never been into the Mahone Bay (IE actual) location of The Tea Brewery, but I do get some tea from them now nearly every Sunday at the Market. They’ve got a smaller booth set up, but seem to bring in their full range of teas – space is at a premium. You can buy a desired amount, or there are pre-packaged samples of tea for $2 if you’d like to try. The weight of these samples varies, but since I picked up an equivalent amount of oolong and rooibos for the same price in samples, it’s a steal! I learned yesterday that if there is a specific one you’d like to sample, they will do one up for you on the spot! They also carry pre filled tins of certain teas, if you want something quick to pick up, but still delicious.

Finally, the coup de grace for me – They have 4 or 5 hot samples on the go at any given time. You can take a sip and see what you think, or buy a cup while you wander around if you’d like. I keep saying I don’t need more tea. The Tea Brewery thinks it’s fun to prove me wrong.