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Type Tea Shop
Style Modern
Serves Chai, Loose-leaf, Bagged

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1 Review

Teaopia in Cambridge, ON
Alyssa rated this place
and said Edit

I went to Teaopia because they were having a sale where everything was 30% off. I got excited because I needed a new teapot, so I drove the 45 minutes to my nearest Teaopia and picked out a beautiful one.

Drove home and discovered that the basket was missing. The ones we had would not fit inside.

Disappointed, I took it back the next day to exchange it. The clerk looked for a basket and found one for me. The lid wouldn’t sit on the teapot with the basket inside. I got upset and looked for a different style of teapot.

I found a beautiful teapot for the same price as the one I’d bought the day before. The clerk refused to honour the sale price even though it was an exchange. She wanted to charge me the full price.

After a few tense words with the manager explaining the situation, we walked away with the teapot for the sale price. I have not returned since. I may someday go back for more tea, but I wouldn’t consider buying teaware from them anymore.