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Snap in Washington, District of Columbia
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I used to work on Georgetown for nearly 3 years, and was working there when Snap opened. They specialize in crepes and bubble tea. This is a good place to go for a snack, but the bubble tea is not that great. It’s made from a powder that is sometimes not mixed well, and the bubbles are hit or miss. Sometimes they’re hard as rocks, sometimes they’re just smooshy.

The crepes are kind of expensive at $5+, depending on which kind you get. I like the nutella with banana, and the spicy chicken thai crepe. While I haven’t been there in quite some time, they used to offer other street foods, like Belgian frites and okonomiyaki (which was just okay and took a long time to prepare).

It is located in a rowhouse that is very very tight. It gets very hot in there and there is not much by way of central air. There is outdoor seating in the back in nicer weather. They are open late, which is a plus. The staff here is hit or miss—they often take a very long time to prepare the crepes, even though the crepe batter is precooked already!

If you are looking for tea, go a bit down the street to Baked & Wired, which has a good selection of tea and cupcakes.

Please note they accept credit cards ONLY. They do not accept cash due to “security reasons”.