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TeaPots n Treasures in Indianapolis, Indiana
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I stopped by this place on my vacation in Indy. I had found out about it on Yelp but hadn’t planned on going as I’m trying desperately not to become a teapot collector but we happened to walk past it when we were downtown and they had a sign out that said they had teas so I had to go in.

Holy cow is there a lot of crap in this place! I seriously think they overshot when they named themselves TeaPots n Treasures. There are a lot of tea pots but who can see them buried under a ton of knick knacks and costume jewelry? It was like an episode of hoarders minus the garbage. I’m a nice, neat, organized person so this was a huge turnoff for me but I was having kind of a crappy day so I persisted to try and find some tea.

Turns out the tea is just as poorly organized as the rest of the store. In fact, it’s scattered throughout the place with no apparent organization (although apparently there is some as the woman working there knew where the different types of tea were). I like signs that tell me where certain types of tea are but sadly, no signs.

The employee was helpful, asking what kinds I liked and pointing me to the area with it and I found a hazelnut matte to try. Prices on the bags of tea were small as it appeared they take the same approach to labeling as they do with the store overall – the label was cluttered with ingredients (which is good) and health claims (less good). I also haven’t found weight on the bag yet so I can’t confirm my suspicion that pricing wasn’t great.

And forget about smelling jars, nope, you just go ahead and open the bags that are there for purchase (which an employee did for me at first and then I did as well). I’m not a germaphobe but that didn’t sit too well with me.

Overall, I wouldn’t go back unless the tea, which I haven’t tried yet, is fantastic (and then I wouldn’t anyway since I was on vacation). Granted, I’m a little OCD when it comes to organization so I’m sure others would find this place charming, and the employee was very nice and helpful, but I just wanted to organize and purge that place rather than look for tea.