MMMMmmmmmm. I broke into a few new bags the other day (I’d been trying to finish off a few opened bags of looseleaf before I opened up more) just to sniff around and this was the one I HAD to try first. The aroma was amazing. I used to be so confused when people were reviewing teas and saying ‘definite chocolate notes in this tea….’ I mean, how can a tea not infused with chocolate possibly taste cocoa-y? Now I know what’s up!

I’m from PA so the smell is SUPER familiar to me. I don’t know if anyone has ever been to Hershey Park, but when you go in for the little chocolate making tour the entire ride has this wonderful smell! Not a chocolate smell like you’d get from ripping open a candy bar, it’s definitely chocolate-y but different. That Hershey Park ride smells exactly like this tea.

I used three balls for one mug, honestly probably could have gotten away with just two though. It tastes just as it smells, rich and malty with hints of chocolate. I was originally really upset because I did Teavana’s Tea of the Month Club (major rip off btw) and they sent me a few repeats, this being one of them. Now, I’m not too bummed they sent me extra of this because I would have wanted to buy it anyways! I REALLY like it.

I normally like the flavors of tea when they cool down rather than piping hot, but this is is better hot. It is much more mild when cold. I’ve been drinking more mild Teavana teas lately (Mind and Body, Monkey Picked Oolong) so it was great to finally get a tea with a little more punch! On my third mug and still brewing nice and dark, maybe a little less malty but still a wonderful smell!


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