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I am a free-spirited young girl. I am madly in love with a truly amazing guy. My hands are always covered in paint, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, or some other medium of art. There is music playing around the clock, whether it is in my head or coming from my iPod. A cup of warm tea is a sure-fire way to cheer me up. I tend to not eat a lot and when I do eat, I try and stay very healthy. I would be at the beach 24/7 if I was given the choice. I enjoy the wintertime, and it is the time of year I truly thrive. I am a bookworm and I enjoy watching films. I plan to pursue this career: Writing novels, teaching yoga, and running a tea shop. All at the same time. If it doesn’t work out, having my own line of jewelry, critiquing films, or studying sharks is fine by me! I have many, many goals and I a planning to accomplish them all. So go ahead and get to know me, I promise you will not regret it.


Florida, United States

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