15 Tasting Notes

drank Nargila by TWG Tea Company
15 tasting notes

ohhhhh this is a weird one. smells a bit like a cosmetics drawer but better, definitely a powdery vibe. The base is heavier on a light green tea note instead of the black, but the black is adding a bit of extra structure to support all the powdery fruit. The mint cut through the sweetness.

It really is a bizarre tea. But in a good way……like that quirky person that you work with that maybe others may make fun of but you find intriguing, and the more you get to know them the more interesting they are. This tea definitely has personality and I wouldn’t pair it with anything. The development and taste need to be taken one sip at a time with nothing else interfering. I usually put milk in my tea but did not add it to this, I did add a touch of sugar but not much. The scent is enough to register as floral sweetness. It remind me of a green tea rose marshmallow but somehow it’s more than than.

Definitely one to check out and unlike any other tea I’ve tried yet.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I wasn’t sure about this one when I smelled the leaves…..it smelled a bit sharp so I was hesitant to try it. I brewed a pot because okay……the smell tempered a bit and became more gourmand fruity as it steeped.

I had it with sugar and milk. This tea is wonderful. Truly. I though with the notes it had it would be overly candied and cloying but instead it reminds me of the scent of a fruitcake. The cherry and pineapple with the toffee create a rich sweet aura that is heightened when the sugar is added and it truly feels dessert-like. The orange is a fantastic touch, adding the element of ‘holiday’. It’s the scent of a memory, delicious and the kind of scent that in the moment you can’t quite put your finger on.

I brew teas with scents at a slightly lower temperature for black teas……typically around 195 to 200. I find that this helps boost the scenting of the tea rather than having it dissipate. The ‘flavor’ of this tea was apparent from its hottest state to its coldest. Definitely will be a regular cupboard favorite!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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Pretty tasty. Orange rind is definitely prominent along with that big-red cinnamon, but in small amounts so it just adds s nice touch of heat and celebration. Has a light candied feel without being cloying or artificially weird. The tea base is prominent enough to hold its own and strike a nice balance. Not my favorite holiday Tea, but very nice nonetheless. Smells fantastic and adds s nice holiday vibe to the house when brewing. Also makes a great iced tea.

200 °F / 93 °C

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drank Marco Polo by Mariage Frères
15 tasting notes

Marco! (waving my arms around in a pool trying to find a direction but no idea where I’m going)
I was hesitant to try this after reading all the supposed similarities between this and Harney Paris. I don’t like Paris.

Polo! (oh. I hear you……..whaaa? which direction? not sure)
I had this in tea bag form (a whole box of ‘em) and decided to brew one up because why not. I mean, it’s tea, right? So it’s probably okay. The worst that can happen is that I don’t like it.

Marco! (OK, I think you’re on my right. flailing arms a little less)
Hmm. Smells good. Not artificially weird. and I still smell the tea. Let’s take the teabag out. Oh! okay color…….smells fruity but in a good way, not in a bath and body works way.

Polo! (ah ha. you’re close. I can tell.)
take a sip……oo. Pleasant. caramelized currant. And no headache! The tea is flavorful and there! Very fall-like. Could use a touch of milk but this is just great how it is. I should ice this someday.

Marco! (HA! FOUND YOU!)
Okay, now I get it. No fear anymore. I see the potential to draw similarities between this and Paris. I know Paris has its fans……..I get that everyone has different things that they like and don’t like. I didn’t like Paris because it tasted too artificial to me. Does Marco Polo have artificial notes? I’m sure the ingredients are not 100 perfect natural….but they TASTE like they’re supposed to and don’t trigger a chemical headache for me. It’s like buying a pair of jeans at Target vs. buying a pair of jeans at a Boutique. You’re going to pay more, but the fit is going to be better, and you’re more likely to wear them often…..and in the end, what’s the point in having tea if you’re not going to drink it?

Marco Polo FTW.


Oh, my…haven’t traveled with Marco for many, many moons, but I have very pleasant memories of our time together. :)

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Fruity McFruiterson. I’m not an herbal tea person, but I’m happy this does not have the full punch of rose hips that usually come across as really sour to me. It’s sweet, somewhat jammy, totally orchard fruits. Brews up a lovely warm pink/red and smells great. Again, I’m not an herbal tea fan but will definitely hold the rest of this tin for when I have herbal tea drinkers over because I think it would be a hit with herbal fans. I also could see myself maybe reaching for this one in the summer to make iced tea, I think it would lend itself very well on a hot summer day. It has a richness and depth to it that I usually don’t experience with herbals…….a bit velvety and very smooth.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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Well hit my feet and call me Brenda………..this is a very, very good tea! Sweet, mildly orange with the scent of cacao EO, giving the slightest hint of bitterness to keep it rounded. The brew is a dark, rich mahogany color and it smells phenomenal.
I added some sugar and a small dollop of cream (yes cream, not milk) and it hits all the right notes for me to make it a dessert like experience without being cloying or artificial. The ‘higher’ notes……orange and chocolate…..dissipate a bit as it sits but the flavor isn’t overly affected by that. The orange and chocolate are still present as you would find in perhaps a tea bread……..not too sweet, dense and satisfying. This would be a great crowd pleaser for the holidays….Thanksgiving comes to mind as it doesn’t exactly scream ‘Christmas’ but crisp fall weather.

The 16 year old says: “if my school actually had tea this good I would order it there.”

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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“Well, hello, baby. It’s good to see you. I’ve been thinking about you allllll day long and couldn’t wait to come home to you so we could snuggle in bed”.

This is how I feel about Pleine Lune. Absolutely delicious with a natural cherry almond, hints of fruit and nut, and I can still taste tea in it as well. It’s not all fun and games, though. Even though the notes are comforting there is a feel of moodiness to this tea…..like, catch it on a different day or treat it differently and it will show you a whole different side to it. But you don’t care, you are so attracted to it that it could serve you nothing but Cheetos for a month and you would still think it was the best relationship ever. It’s that good (if you’re into dessert-y teas). When I brewed it, the color was a touch lighter than I expected it to be but the flavor was a surprising juxtaposition to the visual substance. The leaves in the tin are gorgeous and smells very much like a cherry liquor. I don’t get a lot of artificiality here, it smells like they used some bitter almond EO, which smells strongly of cherry so the stone fruit strength here would make sense.

In the meantime my husband just got home and this tea needs to go hide in the closet. No one can know of our love. Except you guys.

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drank Carefree Coconut by Plum Deluxe
15 tasting notes

For clarity: I’m only giving this a 65 because of my personal tea preferences……..
This tea is really flavorful and interesting. Most of my black tea experiences have been either a single variety or black tea with flavoring, maybe some flowers or spices. I’ve never had black tea with hibiscus and rose hip making such a strong footprint on the flavor….this is why I’m giving it a 65. I don’t like rose hips or hibiscus very much. However, this tea is very well blended, the coconut is subtle and the fruit adds a refreshing and interesting element. It’s a lovely color and smells very ‘happy’. I can see this being someone’s favorite afternoon tea. Though I wouldn’t order it again (again, only because of the rose hips and hibiscus) I’ll definitely be finishing the envelope I have.

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drank Constant Comment by Bigelow
15 tasting notes

Don’t know if it’s really delicious or it’s just the feeling it gives my heart, but I love Constant Comment. It was the tea of my childhood and the tea that I’ve been giving my kids since they were kindergarteners. The scent always reminds me of happy fall days and the taste always comforts me. To me it’s all orange rind and clove and astringency mellowed with sugar and milk. Happiness in a cup!


One of my first ones as well.


Ditto. Orange rind, cloves, and lots of sentimental memories. I’ve never tried it with milk, but now I will.

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Mom of 5, grandma of 2 (how did that happen?), reader, outdoor lover, knitter, dog owner……..all go really well with tea…..except maybe the dogs. Live in the high desert where we always have cold night perfect for a hot cup!


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