Haven’t posted anything on here in a while. The summer’s been a little rough, what with my depression poking its head back up and starting on new meds etc. Anyway, things have been getting better, mostly, and I’ve been having these long sun-dappled sheng sessions in the backyard. Most people would give me weird looks if I explained how much just enjoying tea can give life back its color, especially on the worst days. But I’m guessing you guys on here can relate :)

So yeah, about the tea itself—I drank this for a couple hours after work. Started off very sweet, like a honey sweetness. This moved into more musty sour-sweet territory, with a hint of bitterness. I didn’t get any of the apricot notes I had before—might be a difference in water temperature? Anyway, it was still lovely. For the last steep (probably number 18? 20?) I let the tea steep for 30 minutes with warm water, and ended up with a super-thick, sweet brew. It was like thin syrup consistency, with a tiny bit of a bitter kick. I’ve never really had tea this thick before—didn’t think it was possible. I love having these new discoveries, especially on a summer afternoon


This one is really nice.

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This one is really nice.

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