Had this on my balcony, because my dormmate went into the main room right before i decided to do tea, and… I don’t like being in the same room as him. Just one of those people where all the small things he does (like eating loudly, how he talks on the phone, the trivial things he tries to talk about) get on my nerves. So, tea on the balcony, in a jacket and beanie.
I figured that since I somehow got two new followers tonight, I might as well post a tea to level it out.

Not much to mention about the first two steeps. The first was kind of bitter, the second more as expected. While I waited for the water to cool, I kept up with the excitement on the new forums (woo!) Yes, I had my laptop outside with me while I did tea.
The third infusion was actually somewhat sweet. I think the water was a bit cooler than usual, and the first two steeps probably softened it up a bit. In any case, a pleasant surprise (much like the updates!)
Probably going to take this tea home with me on friday, so I can show some friends. I miss my teas back home… amongst other things. For now, though, this yellow tea is – in my cupboard ;)
/bad reference to new update.

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