drank Orange Oolong Supreme by Eteaket
294 tasting notes

This smells like the powdered orange Gatorade mix my mom once bought when everyone got the stomach flu, and then sat in the cupboard for a few years until finally we through it out because the Florida humidity turned it into a sold rock.

I’m so used to oolong being rolled either into spindles or into tight balls that when I see an oolong that’s just flat broken pieces, it surprises me. The aroma of the tea while steeping is no longer orange Gatorade but roasted peanut skins

Sipping, it’s savory roasty and even sort of floral? I’m not getting orange, which is surprising considering how the dry leaf smelled. It’s roasty in the beginning of the sip, and towards the middle a bit of floral comes out, and then goes back to roasty for the end of the sip, with only a bare hint of roast sticking around in an aftertaste.

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