drank Strawberry Scent by TeaTaxi
1792 tasting notes

Whoa, I see this hasn’t received the most favourable reviews, and here I’m sipping this thinking, “Hmm, this is pretty good.”

But to be fair, I dumped the entire sample packet into my infuser full aware that I was going to overleaf. It’s one of those awkward amount moments again (good for two regular cups but too much or too little if you use a larger one). So maybe I’m not getting as much of that artificial strawberry because the base is quite strong.

The strawberry is candy-like but I’ve had worse in terms of artificial flavour. I wouldn’t get more but I would imagine that this could make a decent iced tea. I’m at least grateful that the base didn’t go bitter. I made sure to generously cool the water, and I’m left with floral, slightly vegetal oolong dunked in melted strawberry candy. This is a good example of how parameters can affect the outcome. I’m sure if I didn’t use as much leaf, I wouldn’t be too happy either. Who knows!

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